Garden Bench Designs To Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Gardens make your outdoor space more inviting and charming as you adore nature. And every outdoor space requires garden bench ideas to chill out and compose oneself. These outdoor furniture pieces are versatile and paramount for appreciating our private lawns to their highest potential.

A bench can be built out of virtually any material. Whether a traditional style or an eccentric DIY project constructed from old tree branches, they make a dazzling centrepiece in the garden.

Here are some impressive DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas you can apply to build one in your garden!

Things To Consider When Building A Garden Bench

Before deciding what outdoor bench to have, some necessary things are worth considering.

Garden Bench Size

You need to consider how much space you have for the garden bench, how many people you’ll want it to fit, and how high off the ground it will be. Always make sure there is space to walk around the bench comfortably.

Materials To Use

Wood bench

Most wood benches are lightweight, but you can customize the type of wood. Raw wood adds a natural touch to the outdoor garden bench, while repurposed timber is a cost-effective option.

Stone or marble bench

Most formal gardens often have stone benches because of their classiness. While they tend to be a little pricey, they have exceptional durability and resilience, even when exposed to scorching sunlight and rainstorm. Plus, requiring very little maintenance.

Metal or iron

Metal benches will be a brilliant choice if you want a low-maintenance garden bench. They’re usually made of steel or cast aluminum.


Plastic is a versatile, durable, and the cheapest option for outdoor benches. They’re waterproof and lightweight. Many ready-made plastic benches are available on the market, including a synthetic wood bench that resembles a natural one.


Concrete benches generally offer elegant lines, suitable for minimalist or modern outdoor spaces. They’re usually intended for a specific spot and can’t be transferred easily. And they’re much more affordable than marble benches.

Your Location

You must install your garden bench in open areas under a shed, under a canopy of a roof, or anywhere provided you can sit comfortably. Just make sure you’re not directly facing the sun. Remember that you must also winterize your garden bench as the temperature drops and winter arrives.

You might prefer a curved or alcove bench if the seating area has corners.

The View From The Garden Bench

It doesn’t need to be a breathtaking, magnificent view of the alps or ocean. It might be your greenhouse, a pool or pond, rose bushes, or flowers blossoming. If there’s a view around your home that you’d want to typically have a look at, you need to design your DIY garden bench to complement it.

25 Simple DIY Garden Bench Ideas

These simple DIY garden bench plans are excellent for beginners who only know basic carpentry skills. The design is simple enough that these garden bench plans won’t look unfitting in any garden but will add an attention-grabbing detail to your yard. You have the freedom to drill pilot holes or add any elements you desire.

Vintage Park Bench

A row of wooden garden benches sitting next to each other.
While strolling through a town park, you may occasionally take a quick break and sit briefly as you watch people or appreciate the surroundings. A park-style bench in your front yard will go well with the ambient and offer a temporary resting area while gardening and other front-yard vegetables. The outdoor garden bench is a sentimental memory of the past for those who recognize what they’re seeing.

Planter Garden Bench

A planter bench is an excellent cross between a garden bench and containers for any type of greenery. The bench sits in between two planter boxes. The planter bench is given a natural colour, so it doesn’t overwhelm the colours of the plants.

This planter bench is a great idea when you want to elevate your flower plantings from traditional ground-level flower beds.

Picnic Table Bench

Picnic tables are popular because they’re space-saving, versatile, and efficient. It’s great as a standalone piece if you want additional seating for your patio or deck or build two benches that you can convert into a picnic table if necessary. This DIY bench provides an adorable outdoor welcoming space for small-scale parties.

Wooden Zen Bench Seat

A winding garden trail needs wonders en route, like fountains and a Zen garden bench. It is perfect for taking a break and appreciating the outdoor area while enjoying the sunset or diary writing.

This outdoor bench is suitable for premises that do not have rain cover because this garden bench does not contain a cushion. What’s more, you don’t need screws to build this contemporary DIY bench, which is on par with designer versions on the market. Don’t forget that there’s no back support in this simple project.

Rainbow Garden Bench

Show your passion for the garden with this beautiful Rainbow Garden Bench. The bright colours beautify any patio or garden area and make an excellent focal point. The colorful bench is comfortable and durable – built from reclaimed pallet boards, so you can feel at ease about installing it in your outdoor area.

This bench is an inviting seating space in your yard or a vibrant, bold statement in your garden design.

Repurposed Bed Bench

This DIY project is the perfect mend for any relic or old bed frame you have lying around. Or, you can acquire the materials from an antique store or yard sale. Whether you construct a single garden bench or multiple benches, each one will have its distinctive appearance and personality depending on the frame that will provide you with a resting spot when you’re not chillin’ on your veranda. You can also include the bedposts to resemble an old bench that has existed for ages.

Wine Barrel Garden Bench

A garden bench next to a wall.
If you need to build a queer yet impressive piece of a garden bench, this DIY wine barrel bench might be the one you’re aiming for. Wine barrel benches are a clever and attractive addition to any landscape. Some barrels are meant to be used in wineries to store wine, but now they are more significant. They receive a lot of attention and spark friendly conversation due to their rarity.

Storage Bench

Take full advantage of your next DIY project by constructing a garden bench that serves dual purposes. This bench design is intended to provide a sizable seating area well-suited for welcoming guests. The design is a box-like garden bench that also works as a storage space where you can easily store your gardening tools or spare cushions for your outdoor furniture by lifting the movable panels.

Garden Love Seat

Do you want a garden bench that appears a little more state-of-the-art? This outdoor bench is both practical and more trendy by all accounts. What differentiates this charming bench from the others is the curved character. The plywoods follow the arc from the top of the backrest to the ground. The slats will reinforce the lower legs, unlike the traditional bench design that stops at the seat.

The slatted love seat is perhaps the most voluptuous among the garden bench plans here.

Patio Bench

If it’s a patio bench you want, this long, linear wooden bench might fit in the space beautifully. Long panels complete the seat structure with well-built ‘X’ shaped legs, resulting in a pleasing and trendy look. The bench is simple and subtle, so it chimes into the scenery effortlessly. Create this patio bench and offer additional seating space in your garden or porch.

Log Reclaimed Wood Garden Bench

If what you’re planning for your DIY outdoor bench is a simple design built around nature, maybe you’d want to utilize logs in place of legs. Perhaps you can repurpose an old fallen tree and give it a new life. Leave the bark on for a more character and natural look.

Reclaimed wood and outdoor furniture work together, specifically if you want to accentuate all the blemishes and take up the natural beauty of this material. It’s an aesthetic design that’s as precious as it is unadorned.

Curved Fire Pit Bench

Do you enjoy sitting around with friends and warming yourself with a fire and s’mores? If you have an outdoor garden bench plan that intends to have it constructed by the fire pit, it might be much better to make it curved or give it a geometric form that suits the setting, whatever its design or construction. A fire pit bench can be a perfect piece to help connect better as everyone will be sitting closer together while enjoying nature.

Rock-Leg Bench

It doesn’t get much more raw or creative than this wood-plank garden bench with two rocks of about the same size as its legs. The rocks serve as support for the plank. While it’s a simple DIY project, it will always appear clever and stunning. Make sure the rocks are stationed as buttresses to ensure a balance and won’t give a wobble or see-saw experience for anyone sitting on it.

Garden Bench With Arbor

Incorporate an elegant architectural feature into your garden with an arbour-covered bench. It can be installed in a corner, as a medium to define or separate sections of a yard, or as a permanent place to relax near a pond or on a balcony when the weather warms up. The arbour trellis would be perfect for growing climbing rose or vining plants.

Even though it will undoubtedly take a bit extra work than some of the other outdoor benches on our list, we believe it’s worth the time and effort.

Farmhouse Bench

A garden bench amidst the field.
The farmhouse bench is getting all the rage nowadays, lending a casual finesse to a garden. It’s easy to create and works perfectly if you’re on a tight budget. It only needs a few pieces of wood you can purchase at your local home improvement store, some minimal carpentry know-how, and an hour or two on the weekend. And eventually, you will be compensated with this timeless and simple bench.

French Style Bench

Rather than throwing those broken or old dining room chairs, upcycle them into a comfortable outdoor bench, turning them into a vintage French-style bench that is perfect for your garden. This garden bench adds a shabby yet stylish appeal.

Considering the old chairs are positioned sideways, this creates the striking arched sides of this bench. You may apply a mid-tone paint or any other colour of your preference.

Metal Headboard Bench

This metal headboard bench is an exciting highlight for a rustic appearance as though constructed from the pieces of a bed in the wild west. It looks pretty cool and sturdy with a reclaimed metal headboards frame and a wood seat area. It is elegant, light, and appealing.

Cabin-Style Double-Chair Bench

The double chair with a built-in table bench will be a perfect addition if you have a large deck, porch, or patio. It is also ideal for small get-togethers. You and your family or friends can enjoy relaxing days and nights outdoors and have a table next to you to place your drinks or snacks. This bench is durable, indicating you’ll have it for several years.

Recycled Door Bench

Don’t toss your busted, old door yet! Give it a second chance and convert it into something functional and fantastic, similar to this restored wooden door bench. You’ll use a portion of the door for the back of the bench and some wooden slats for the seat. You can always apply a new coat of paint if you don’t like the original door colour.

Bathtub Outdoor Sofa

Regardless of the condition of the bathtub, you can remould it into a showpiece outdoor seating that is as functional as it is eccentric. With some repair and revamp, the porcelain interior and the claw feet will make this a distinctive addition to your garden. Make sure to place cushions for a more relaxing experience.

Stenciled Welcome Bench

As you need a larger bed when your children grow up, what will happen to their old beds. Construct this bench displaying a warm welcome for whoever steps into your garden, made from an old twin headboard and footboard.

The footboard is cut in half and then utilized to form the sides of the bench. Wood glue is not necessary since it’s a tight fit. After it is painted, you use stencils to design your welcoming message. This lovely bench is suitable for holding plants or another stunning focal point in your yard.

Wagon Wheels Bench

Relaxing and inviting, bring a trace of the classic Western to your alfresco – a lovely, long-lasting home decor for you to enjoy in your garden. This rustic, intricate seat flaunts a wooden frame supported by two wagon wheels, adding beauty and country charm to your outdoor.

Cinder Block Bench

If you have some available cinder blocks and wooden boards, this garden bench takes only an hour to create. A cinder block bench is an extraordinary way to add comfort and mood to an open space. You will admire how cinder blocks look while being inexpensive and easy to work with. Add a coat of paint and a few fabric cushions to make it a unique, cozy sitting outdoor bench in your yard.

Bench Around Tree

A garden bench under a tree in a park.
Build this attractive bench around a tree to give a striking look to your garden while having an environmentally-friendly spot for serene meditation, lunch, or reading. It can be round or shaped in a geometric form that will maintain the tree’s wholeness unharmed.

This precious, relaxing area might become your go-to hangout location without sitting on the ground.

Daybed Garden Bench

As the name implies, the daybed garden bench could be a perfect bench idea. A daybed is a great multipurpose option that lets you rest how you want to unwind while offering you more space and surface area to chill. Lie down outside comfortably in this new contemporary garden daybed with just a few pallets and a few cushions.

Final Thoughts

When your garden is flowering and sprouting, the most satisfactory way to adore it is with a matching garden bench. From the main gate to the home garden, from a particularly rustic structure that only needs some hours to complex, spectacular garden bench plans, there’s a beautiful bench for all homeowners.

There are numerous options – you can repair, repurpose, or build from scratch. We hope these DIY outdoor bench ideas will highlight your garden and provide a relaxing space to appreciate the outdoors.

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