How Much Does Landscape Lighting Cost?

Landscape lighting is the best way to upgrade the functionality of your outdoor space and its security. Installing lights carefully along walkways or patios also magnifies the aesthetics of the area and highlights other outdoor elements like pools and fountains.

Remember that DIY landscape lighting projects are impressive when you’re just incorporating a few lights around some plants or brightening a pavement. But, if you want a more dramatic landscape lighting design, then hiring professionals can help you enhance your home’s curb appeal and make sure that you get an excellent deal.

Before calling an expert to install landscape lighting, it’s important to know how much the project may cost. Continue reading to learn how much professional landscape lighting costs and the factors that may impact the total expenditures for your outdoor lighting project.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Landscape Lighting?

The average cost for installing landscape lighting can range from $1,500-$20,000 and can even exceed that depending on the measure of the landscape lighting project. It entirely depends on what you’re planning to build.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Design & Contractor Costs

A costly landscape lighting feature of light bulbs strung on a wire.

The more experienced and adept the landscape lighting professionals or electricians, the higher they’ll charge to install outdoor lighting.

A landscape lighting designer will usually bill $200-$500 to create a plan and give you a detailed illustration for the contractor or to apply in your DIY. A designer will often locate the most suitable fixtures to use for the project and pinpoint the best stationings for them to provide you with a better look.

A skilled electrical contractor who specializes in a project for an outdoor space can incorporate different types of spotlights, path lights, uplights, security lights, and more.

New Landscape vs. Retrofitting Existing Landscape

Lighting is laid after the new plantings are established into a landscape and before mulch is layered. Suppose your outdoor space already has an existing outdoor light, you will have to retrofit and modify the existing wiring network to give room to your new landscape lighting system. Outdoor lighting installation in existing landscaping is much more laborious because the contractor needs to work in tight places between plants to spread wiring to the entire new fixtures.

If you add lights simultaneously with your new landscaping, it will cost you less since you can add lighting without being concerned about someone having to patch your lawns once the landscape lighting installation is finished. Furthermore, labour can be even more affordable because contractors save time. It helps when they don’t need to do any excavating around barriers to bury the conduit.

Project Size

The cost for landscape lighting varies depending on the project size. Size can pertain to fixture number or lawn size. Bigger lawns generally require more lights for them to look great. You can likewise opt to have more fixtures.

When you have a large property to address, a long run of wire will be more expensive since you have to counter voltage losses. That suggests you might have a better wiring gauge, a more powerful transformer, or both to achieve your landscape lighting plans.

Halogen Bulbs or LED Bulbs

Halogen lights are a lot more budget-friendly than LED light bulbs at first; however, they demand replacing the bulbs at least every year, which adds cost and maintenance as time goes on.

Almost always, contractors will use grade-A LED lighting as they use less energy, making them energy efficient. And, because LED fixtures are not manufactured from brittle glass, they can last longer than standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs can.

Fixture Line

The cost changes depending on the landscape lighting fixtures you pick. You can opt to have low-end or high-end fixtures, or perhaps a mix of both. Low-end fixtures will look displeasing sooner or later. You’ll end up spending money to repair or replace them more frequently than with high-end fixtures. High-end fixtures also look great for a longer period and typically come with a warranty.

A few landscape lighting firms may attempt to help you in making savings by advising that you choose aluminum light fixtures. However, aluminum rusts quickly, so you’ll end up spending money to replace those fixtures in a couple of years. If you decide to choose brass, even when somewhat pricey, you’ll get a light fixture that is long-lasting, withstands corrosion, and is durable.

A cost-effective landscape with night lights.

Types of Light Fixtures:

Source Of Power

Lighting installation is also charged based on the source of power employed for the lights. The usual options are solar, battery-powered, and hardwired. Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. The costs range from $50-$200.

Battery Powered Outdoor Lights

You can assume to spend $100-$300 for one installation of battery-powered exterior lighting. Although battery-powered lights are superb, the drawback is that you may regularly be changing the batteries. These are an easier option for places where it is damp or where electricity is not readily accessible. Most of the battery-powered lights are provided with a remote control for the comfort and amenity of turning on and off.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar power lights for your landscape cost about $100-200 for every light installed. Again, this is a case where you will often have multiple installed simultaneously. Solar lights are a wonderful option because they don’t need electricity to function. But, make sure you buy quality lights for a made-to-last product. They are powered by sunlight; thus, they are recharged every day for evening use. They switch on and off automatically as they are sensitive to light and dark.

Hardwired Landscape Lights

Hardwired landscape lights will cost from $100-$200 for one light. But, if you want to have the electrical wiring and a transformer installed, you will need to add $300-$500. Landscape lights typically mean a series of lights, anywhere from 8-12 lights along the pathway, flower garden, front yard, or any other zones of the property.

Potential Electrical Requirements

In most cases, bigger houses need a long length of cable. Older homes notoriously need comprehensive electrical tasks like the installation of new 110-volt exterior ground fault circuit interrupter (CGFI) outlets, conduits, and sockets or upgrades of outdoor outlets.

Adding a bigger or extra transformer can resolve that, or you could decide to disregard it. If you must raise the voltage capacity, you will need to spend money to change the existing transformer depending on the size of your residence.

Cost To Install Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting is a perfect method to cut expenditures on your outdoor lighting costs, though it isn’t a necessity. Most home transformers are 120 volts, though landscape lights do not require a high voltage like that. Your electrician can mount a 12-volt transformer that will relieve the load and save you a little money. With this option, the cost to install low-voltage outdoor lighting begins at $85-$165 per fixture.

Cost To Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights that automatically turn on your landscape lights are definitely a comfort when coming home late at night because it illuminates the footpath towards the door. On average, homeowners should expect a cost of $250 for a low-end installation. The upper end of the cost range is $550 for installations with smart LED lights and a smart-home controller. If the electrician has to repair some electrical problems beforehand, you may end up spending more.
A cost-effective house lit up at night with landscape lighting.

Relocate Them Away From Other Light Sources

You must also refrain from positioning the lights where they can be affected by artificial light, like when they are set too close to a patio light. Place them in a spot where no bright lights can reach them.

Outdoor Lighting Effects

There are many lighting effects that an expert can help you establish with your new lighting system. Colour temperature is an element of the process of making these effects function to make your landscape aesthetically appealing and well-illuminated.

The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

To take advantage of your garden space, outdoor lighting is essential. Patio, deck, and pool lighting make your area pleasurable for your family, friends, and guests. Furthermore, outdoor lighting activated by timers helps protect your home against trespassers.

Landscape lighting is not just a perfect security measure, but it’s also a good safety measure. Ensuring your tracks and steps are well lit for guests to see is vital so there are no accidents, regardless of how small or large they could be.

Most importantly, adequate lighting makes every action outside even better. There’s no more wonderful area than your front or backyard to chill, entertain and roam around.

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