How Much Does Mahogany Decking Cost?

Mahogany wood, a hardwood species, is used chiefly for flooring and decking because of its natural look. It offers vivid, brown-red colour and striped surface. It’s typically decay and rot-resistant, that’s why it’s more long-lasting against other hardwoods and is ideal for decking. Mahogany has adequate durability that is fit for decking with reduced maintenance.

If you want to know the cost of mahogany decking installation, you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Mahogany Woods

Mahogany trees are non-indigenous in North America, though they can be shipped in and cultivated in regions with warm climates. There are lots of species of lumber called mahogany.
Finding the original in mahogany can be a little baffling. Mahogany inhabits a noble title in the woodcraft industry.

Among the most formidable classifications of mahogany is Swietenia Macrophylla, made up of Cuban and Honduran mahogany. Honduran mahogany is sometimes easily found, while Cuba already prohibited the exportation of this wood in 1946. The Honduran classification is sometimes called the genuine mahogany and it is rare and pricey.

While a few call it fake, African mahogany is regarded as real mahogany, though categorized differently. It is more lightweight than the Honduran counterpart and doesn’t contain ripple marks in many instances.

Typical Costs of Mahogany Decking

Solid mahogany is not typically applied for exterior decking. Alternatively, the majority of the industries use Philippine mahogany, also called dark red meranti. This hardwood bears a comparable reddish shade and a solidity close to real mahogany, though it’s more affordable.

The average cost to build a mahogany deck is approximately $10,350, depending on several factors, which we’ll discuss later. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,350 and $18,400. In rare circumstances, you may find the cost to construct a hardwood deck costs more than $20,000 or as low as $1,500.

Mahogany decks are recognized for their low upkeep and easy-to-stain aspect. They maintain a lower price than many other lumber deck materials, making mahogany decks a somewhat prevalent alternative.

Cost can increase at once, particularly if you’re a beginner and have never tried a mahogany decking installation project before. We highly suggest hiring a professional and insured mahogany decking contractor to build for you.

Cost To Build A Mahogany Deck Per Square Foot

The total cost to construct a mahogany deck is approximately $23-$46 per square foot, including labour and material costs. But the overall cost may change depending on the size and style of the deck you’d want and other matters.

A deck made of mahogany with potted plants on it.

Factors That Influence The Cost To Build A Mahogany Deck

Before working on the mahogany deck project, evaluate some factors. For example, an existing deck in your home that requires removing and the period to begin considering staining and sealing the lumber, among other things.

Material Prices

The average cost of mahogany decking will work anywhere from $8-$11 per square foot. Aside from the decking material itself, you must think of other materials recommended, like decking screws and joists.

Cost of Labour

When you ask the help of a deck company in your area, you must expect to pay between $15-$35 per square foot in labour. Labour usually equals roughly 50% of the final cost of the deck.

Staining & Sealing

Because mahogany is a beam of wood, you bear a broad range of stains and sealants to opt for. The average expense for staining a deck is about $700. Some companies will offer discounts or specials where the staining comes incorporated in the installation cost.

On the other hand, the average cost of sealing a deck is roughly $900. Installation costs usually take in initial staining and sealing, so it’s not something you’ll have to be troubled about immediately.

Old Deck Removal

Costing old deck removal will differ depending on the deck’s condition and how big or small it is. Old deck removal can range anywhere from $300-$900, including demolishing the deck and clearing the rubble.


Depending on local ordinances and the height and size of the structure, attaching a deck usually needs a building permit. Nearly all contractors will arrange any permits and inspections, though the homeowner is ordinarily in charge of paying the fees which can be expensive depending on local ordinances.

Onsite Inspection

Mahogany decking cost estimations may need an onsite inspection. Typically, these approximations will be free. You must expect any costs to be introduced with a comprehensive sales proposal. Mahogany decking cost estimations may need an onsite inspection. Typically, these approximations will be free. You must expect any costs to be introduced with a comprehensive sales proposal.

Unexpected Expenses

Don’t be surprised by delivery expenses for mahogany decking since this type of lumber grows in Central and South America and West Africa, resulting in costlier import charges. In case, raise your allocation by 5% to 10% to cover any additions in delivery expenses.

The actual value of any increase differs enormously by location and the value of the addition.

A mahogany deck with a table and chairs on it, at cost.

Why Is Mahogany Wood Expensive?

Real mahogany is pricey since it grows best in tropical places and needs to be shipped. Mahogany is expensive due to its form, rich colour, and quality. It’s one of the best-looking hardwoods and is concrete, durable, and heavy.

Some countries have production and shipping boundaries which also adds to the cost. Some of the most popular options, such as flame and tiger stripe, are incredibly scarce, further forcing prices up.

Mahogany Decking: Cost & Construction Price Checklist

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