How To Fertilize Your Lawn

Everyone wants a beautiful, luscious, thick green lawn during the warmer seasons. However, achieving that picture-perfect lawn is often easier said than done. Luckily, fertilizer is here to save the day and your grass!

Fertilizer is used to feed your lawn and enrich it with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong. Fertilizers give lawns what they need to thrive by enriching the soil and grass’s roots with nutrient-rich molecules.

2. Measuring and Putting It In The Drop Spreader

Fertilizer needs to be spread evenly throughout your lawn to ensure it promotes root development in all areas. Follow the directions on the product label carefully to learn the application rate and get out your lawn spreader.
A person holding a scoop of fertilized dirt in their hands.
Using a rotary spreader, or drop spreaders ensures even fertilizer distribution. Carefully use your spread to cover all grasses and give your lawn some love. Fertilizer is basically lawn food, and it might be a little hungry!

3. Carefully Spreading Lawn Fertilizer

If you’re wondering how to use lawn fertilizer to its full extent, using broadcast spreaders is your best bet. Starting from one edge of your lawn, or at the edge of your driveway, and carefully walk back and forth with your spreader the same way you would if you were mowing your lawn. This ensures even fertilization throughout your yard and encourages healthy growth.

Rotary spreaders ensure your soils get the proper amount of nutrients without overdoing it. A fertilizer spreader is one of those products that are definitely worth investing in for homeowners who want beautifully lush lawns during the summer season.

4. Proper Watering and Maintenance

One of the ways people ruin their grass is by overwatering. This can promote disease and unwanted weed growth in the rest or part of your lawn and plants in your garden. When it comes to promoting healthy growth in your lawn, water is the key.

A man is throwing sand into the air to fertilize his lawn.
In addition, taking care of weeds and creating a regular fertilization schedule can assist your grass with looking its best this year. If you’re curious about when you should fertilize your lawn, the best advice is to start early in the spring season and continue throughout the summer season every few weeks to give your grasses extra nutrients.

Extra Lawn Fertilizer Tips

One of the best pieces of information for lawn owners is to steer clear of weed killers. Although these can help a weed problem, they can also harm your lawn and cause damage to the root systems within the soil. Pay attention to what the bag of certain lawn care products may say. Not every product is the best for your lawn so pay close attention to each label before applying things to your grass.

Store leftover fertilizer in a cool, dry place for future application purposes and to prevent any confusion. Your grass and soil can always benefit from fertilizer, but make sure you don’t overdo it and over-saturate your most valuable outdoor space.

And if you ever find fertilizing and providing lawn maintenance too tricky, you can always consult with other lawn care experts to learn more about fertilization.

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