Ontario Gardeners Share Their Top Summer Flower Recommendations: An In-Depth Look

As the spring season transitions into summer, many Ontario gardeners are looking for ways to keep their gardens vibrant and colourful. A recent discussion on the popular online platform Reddit, specifically in the Ontario Gardeners subreddit, has sparked a lively conversation about the best summer flowers for the region.

Community Recommendations

The original post, titled “Summer flower recommendations,” was made by a user seeking advice on long-lasting summer flowers that can withstand full sun exposure all day. The user expressed a preference for perennials over annuals, as they wanted to avoid replanting each year.

One of the top recommendations from the community was the nasturtium, a versatile and hardy flower that thrives in a variety of conditions. Despite being an annual, the nasturtium was suggested due to its ability to self-seed and provide continuous flowering from early summer until the first frost. This characteristic makes it a low-maintenance choice that offers the longevity the original poster was seeking.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of considering other factors such as the desired shape and height of the flowers, as well as the specific conditions of the garden. These factors can significantly influence the success of different plant species and varieties.


Further Recommendations and Personal Insights

Building on this community wisdom, further research and personal experience suggest several other summer flowers that are well-suited to Ontario’s climate.

  • Irises: Firstly, irises are a fantastic choice for early-summer gardens in cooler climates. Known for their unique shape and vibrant colors, irises can add a pop of color early in the summer season.
  • Framing Feature Flowers: Secondly, consider using plants with distinctive foliage to frame your feature flowers. This can create a more refined look in your garden. For instance, silvery leaved plants like lavender can beautifully frame a bright flowering plant like a bush of red roses.
  • Care-Free Annuals: Thirdly, while the original Reddit post expressed a preference for perennials, it’s worth considering some annuals for their resilience and vibrant colors. Many annuals like nothing better than blooming for weeks on end, unaffected by heat, humidity, and strong sun. Examples include ageratum, caladiums, annual grasses, narrow-leaf zinnia, or any wax begonia.
  • Adding Height: Lastly, consider adding some vertical interest to your garden. Plants that rise high, such as vines grown on arbors or upright trellises, shrubs with an upright habit like columnar junipers, or even a climbing rose attached to a post or pillar, can add a new dimension to your garden. Fast-growing annual vines like morning glory, hops, and scarlet runner bean, can give an instant look of maturity to new beds.
a close up of a purple and white flower.


This conversation underscores the value of community-based knowledge sharing in the gardening world. It also serves as a reminder that while there are many beautiful flowers to choose from, the best choices depend on the specific conditions and preferences of each garden and gardener.

As summer approaches, Ontario gardeners are encouraged to consider these recommendations and others that may come from their local gardening community. Whether it’s the resilient nasturtium or another summer-loving flower, the right choice can ensure a garden remains a vibrant oasis throughout the summer months.

Remember, gardening is as much an art as it is a science. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different plants and layouts until you find what works best for you. Happy gardening!

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