Snow Removal Cost in Canada (2023): Your Comprehensive Guide to Budgeting and Planning

Navigating the snowy landscapes of Canada can be a daunting task, especially when you’re faced with the challenge of clearing your driveway or sidewalk. Snow removal is an essential service for homeowners and businesses alike, but what does it really cost in 2023? Let’s delve into this topic to provide some clarity.

The costs associated with snow removal services may vary depending on several factors. These could include the size of your property, location within Canada, frequency of snowfall and even whether you opt for one-off services or sign up for a season-long contract. It’s important to understand these variables so that you can budget effectively.

As founder and operator at Riverwood Landscape – an established name in Canadian landscaping industry – I’ve witnessed firsthand how proper maintenance not only keeps properties safe during winter months but also enhances their curb appeal year-round. A well-maintained exterior space is not just visually appealing; it boosts property value too! So let’s talk about snow removal costs – they might just be worth every penny spent.

British Columbia

When winter hits British Columbia, it’s no surprise that snow removal becomes a top priority for homeowners. After all, keeping your property safe and accessible is crucial during these frosty months. But how much does it cost to remove snow in this part of Canada?

Typically, the cost of snow removal varies depending on the severity of each storm and the specific needs of your property. In general, you can expect to pay between $54.6 and $127.4 per visit or hourly rate during a storm.

Average Cost
Hourly/Visit$54.6 – $127.4

This might seem steep at first glance, but consider what’s included: professional service providers will clear driveways, walkways and other essential areas around your home after up to 6 inches of accumulated snowfall.

For residential properties specifically:

  • Up to 6 inches: Expect costs ranging from approximately $54 (low-end) to about $182 (high-end).

Now let’s talk about seasonal costs – if you’re thinking ahead for those harsh Canadian winters! The total expense over an entire season usually ranges from roughly $364 on the low end up through approximately $1,092 at peak price points.

Overall Snow Removal Costs:

  • Low Seasonal Cost : $364
  • High Seasonal Cost : $1,092

Remember though that these figures are just averages; actual prices may vary based on factors like size and complexity of your property as well as frequency & intensity of storms in any given year.

While investing in professional services might feel like a burden initially due its upfront cost factor – it sure pays off big time when those heavy flurries come down! Not only do you get peace-of-mind knowing everything is taken care off promptly but also save yourself potential injuries trying tackle such strenuous tasks singlehandedly.

Alberta Snow Removal Cost in 2023

When it comes to snow removal in Alberta, you’ll find a range of costs depending on your specific needs. Understanding these prices can help you budget more effectively for the winter season.

One common way that snow removal services charge is by the hour or per visit. In 2023, expect an hourly cost ranging from $45.5 to $136.5 per hour based on various factors like the size of your property and amount of snowfall.

Alternatively, some companies offer seasonal rates covering all your winter snow clearing needs. The data indicates a seasonal cost between $455 and $1,183 per season for this comprehensive service.

Pricing MethodPrice Range
Hourly/Visit$45.5 – $136.5
Seasonal$455 – $1,183

For homeowners specifically looking at residential properties with up to six inches of snowfall (a typical scenario during Albertan winters), anticipate costs from about $63.7 to roughly $200 according to current projections.

But remember: not every winter will be “typical”. Extreme weather events may cause prices fluctuate due to increased labor and equipment usage – something we’ve experienced firsthand while building Riverwood Landscape into one of Canada’s most trusted brands.

While keeping these figures in mind can guide your financial planning around maintaining curb appeal even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate; also consider professional landscaping services as an investment that pays off year-round beyond just aesthetic appeal—it could prevent costly damage caused by improper ice management or heavy accumulation!

At Guelph Hospital where I worked extensively with their groundskeeping team we saw first-hand how investing upfront in quality landscaping saved considerable repair bills down the line after harsh winters took their toll on less-prepared properties!

In conclusion:

  • Always plan ahead for potential extra expenses during severe weather
  • Investing now might save money later
  • Consider comprehensive solutions over piecemeal ones

So take note: don’t let those snowy Albertan winters catch you unprepared!

Man using snowblower

Saskatchewan Snow Removal Cost (2023)

Let’s dive into the projected snow removal costs for Saskatchewan in 2023. If you’re living in this prairie province, it’s essential to budget appropriately for your winter needs.

Hourly or per visit cost, which depends on the severity of each storm, can range from $54.6 to $127.4. This price variation takes into account factors such as travel time, equipment used, and labor intensity.

Hourly/Visit Cost
$54.6 – $127.4

Seasonally speaking, you’ll want to set aside between $400.4 and $1,128.4 if we look at the data from previous years and adjust it according to inflation rates and other economic indicators.

Seasonal Cost
400.4 – 1128

For residential properties with up to six inches of snowfall per event; expect a cost ranging from $58 24 to $191 10

Consider these figures:

  • The lower end: suitable for smaller properties or those who experience lighter snowfalls.
  • Mid-range prices: likely what most homeowners will face.
  • Upper-end estimates: typically reserved for larger properties or areas prone to heavy storms

Take note that these are just averages – actual costs can vary significantly based on individual circumstances like property size and location within Saskatchewan.

Here’s how those numbers break down:

  • Residential Snow Removal (up-to 6 inches):
    • Lower End Estimate: $58 24
    • Mid Range Estimate: Roughly between low & high end
    • High End Estimate : $191 10

Remember that investing in professional services is not just about convenience—it’s also about safety! It’s important not only considering financial aspects but also thinking about peace of mind during harsh Canadian winters!

Drawing upon my experience building Riverwood Landscape into a reputable brand across Canada—through quality workmanship at Guelph Hospital—we know that well-maintained landscapes contribute positively towards curb appeal even during snowy seasons!

Manitoba Snow Removal Costs (2023)

When the snow starts falling in Manitoba, you’re likely already bracing yourself for the inevitable task of snow removal. But have you ever stopped to consider what it might cost if you decided to hire a professional service instead? Let’s break down those numbers.

For an hourly or per visit charge, you’re looking at anywhere from $51 to $131. This could seem steep at first glance but remember that this usually includes not only the manual labor but also use of equipment and disposal of the snow.

If we look at seasonal costs – which may be more applicable for those long Canadian winters – estimates range from $382.2 up to $1,110.2 per season.

Here’s a quick overview:

Hourly/Visit Charge$51 – $131
Seasonal Charge$382.2 – 1,110.2

Residential services specifically designed for homes can vary too depending on your specific needs and circumstances like driveway size or amount of sidewalk area that needs clearing after each storm.

  • For up to 6 inches of snow removal: $60.06 – 187.46

Now let’s add some perspective here: while these prices might seem high initially, think about how much time and energy is spent shoveling every year! Plus there are other benefits such as reducing slip-and-fall accidents around your home during winter months or avoiding possible damage caused by incorrect ice melting practices.

It’s important when considering these costs that they do fluctuate based on various factors including location within Manitoba, severity of the winter season itself (some years are certainly worse than others), property size among others so always make sure to get multiple quotes before making any final decisions.

A snow plow driving down a street at night.


Let’s delve into the heart of Canada – Ontario. If you’re wondering about snow removal costs here, you’re in for some insights. The cost isn’t as daunting as one might think.

Snow removal services in Ontario offer a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. You’ll find that the hourly or per visit rate typically ranges from $49.14 to $140.14 an hour, depending on various factors such as your location within the province and how much snow has accumulated.

Here is a simple breakdown:

ServiceCost Range
Hourly/Visit$49.14 – $140.14
Seasonal$418.6 – 1,146 .6

On a seasonal basis, expect prices between $418 .6 and $1 ,146 .6, which usually includes multiple visits throughout winter months.

Now let’s talk about residential properties specifically; these are often smaller areas but can pose their own challenges with driveways and walkways needing attention too! For up to six inches of snow at your home property, charges generally fall between $56 .42 and $196 .56 .

Of course there are ways for homeowners like yourself to save money on these costs by doing things like clearing sidewalks early before they become too icy or arranging for service well ahead of time when demand is lower.

Remember my journey with Riverwood Landscape? Well I learned quite a bit there! We found that investing in professional landscaping services not only adds value but also saves you time during those cold winter months when all you want is stay inside where it’s warm!

Looking back at my work with Guelph Hospital emphasized this even more; having professionals handle their large parking lots ensured safety was maintained no matter what Mother Nature threw our way!

So while considering costs remember: it’s not just about money out of pocket now but also future savings (in both time AND potential damage) plus increased curb appeal down line – something we always strive for here at Canadian Curb Appeal Magazine.


When you’re dealing with snow removal in Quebec, there are a few key cost factors to consider. First off, let’s look at the hourly or per visit cost. This typically ranges from $52.78 to $134.68 per hour according to recent data.

Cost TypeCost Range
Hourly/Visit$52.78 – $134.68

That’s not pocket change! But remember, these costs can vary based on several factors such as the amount of snowfall and the size of your property.

Moving onto seasonal costs; if you choose this option for your home or business in Quebec, expect prices between $436.8 and $1,164.8 per season.

Cost TypeCost Range
Seasonal$436.8 – $1,164

The third pricing structure often seen is residential snow removal which is generally charged based on the amount of accumulated snow (up to 6 inches). For instance:

  • If there’s up to six inches of fluffy white stuff covering your driveway in Quebec city? You’re looking at spending anywhere from $54.6 to $194.74 for professional removal services.

Remember that while these numbers may seem high initially; it’s important not only for safety reasons but also maintaining accessibility during those harsh Canadian winters we all know too well!

During my time building Riverwood Landscape into a reputable brand across Canada – including significant work with Guelph Hospital – I’ve seen firsthand how crucial proper winter maintenance can be for homeowners and businesses alike.

There are various aspects of landscaping that homeowners should consider when investing in professional services like this:

  • The quality and efficiency of service
  • The company’s reputation
  • Potential long-term cost savings

Investing upfront can save headaches later down the line! By hiring professionals who specialize in navigating our unique weather conditions here in Canada you’ll help ensure access during even heavy storms while avoiding potential slip-and-fall hazards.

In conclusion: Don’t underestimate value when it comes to keeping your property safe and accessible through our icy Canadian winters!

New Brunswick

As the chilly winter months approach, you might find yourself wondering about snow removal costs in Canada. Especially if you’re residing in a province like New Brunswick, where winters can be particularly harsh and unpredictable. It’s important to have an idea of what budget to set aside for this essential service.

In New Brunswick, hourly or per visit costs for professional snow removal services generally range from $47.32 to $138.32 per hour depending on the provider and complexity of the job at hand.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Service TypeCost
Hourly/Visit$47.32 – $138.32

Seasonal contracts are also available which could save you money in the long run if your area tends to experience frequent heavy snowfall throughout winter months. The cost for such seasonal agreements usually falls between $400.4 and $1,128.4 per season.

Have a look at this table:

Contract TypeCost
Seasonal400 – 1128

If we dig deeper into residential snow removal prices specifically – let’s say up to six inches of accumulated snow – then expect these charges: anywhere from $58.24 to $193 .12 is common.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • For up-to-six-inches-snow scenarios:
    • Residential Snow Removal: 58-193 dollars

Please remember that these figures serve as general estimates only; actual pricing will vary based on factors such as your specific location within New Brunswick, additional services required (like de-icing), or any unique circumstances pertaining to your property layout.

Always do due diligence when choosing a provider by comparing quotes across different companies before making final decisions.

Just think about it; investing wisely in professional landscaping services now means less stress during those intense Canadian winters! And who wouldn’t want that? So get ahead start today with planning for your upcoming winter landscape needs!

Nova Scotia

When winter rolls around, snow removal becomes a top priority in Nova Scotia. You’re likely wondering about the cost of professional services to keep your driveway and walkways clear. Let’s dive into the numbers.

The hourly or per visit rate for snow removal services typically falls between $51 to $142. That means if you’re dealing with a substantial snowfall that takes several hours to clear, costs can quickly add up.

For many residents, opting for seasonal service proves more economical in the long run. A full season of professional snow removal will generally set you back somewhere from $418.6 to $1,146.6.

Cost TypeRange
Hourly/Visit Cost$51 – $142
Seasonal Cost$418.6 – 1,146.6

But what about residential snow removal? The rates are usually calculated based on the amount of snowfall at your home location rather than time spent clearing it away. For up to six inches of fresh powder at your doorstep; expect prices ranging from approximately $56.42 right through to around $19838.

To make these figures workable within your budget:

  • Shop around: It’s always wise not just stick with one quote but look out for multiple quotes before making a decision.
  • Contract over pay-as-you-go: Consider signing up for an entire season worth package instead one-time payments after each storm.
  • Keep track of weather forecasts: Having an idea when heavy falls might hit could help avoid peak pricing periods where demand surges high above supply capability limits causing charges rise significantly higher than normal levels seen during average winters here in Canada’s east coast province known as ‘Nova Scotia’.

In conclusion don’t forget that investing into quality reliable service providers such as Riverwood Landscape – built by Colin Macmillan himself following his experience working with Guelph Hospital – could bring peace mind knowing they’ll be there even worst storms ensuring safety first foremost while also maintaining curb appeal throughout harshest months year round!

Snowplowing pickup truck clearing a driveway in winter

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, often referred to as PEI, is known for its harsh winters. If you’re living here or planning a move, it’s crucial to consider the cost of snow removal in your budget. The range varies quite significantly based on the type and amount of service required.

Hourly or Visit Cost

Generally speaking, for an hourly or per visit basis snow removal in PEI, you can expect to pay between $49.14 and $140.14 per hour.

Cost TypePrice Range (CAD)
Hourly/Visit Cost$49.14 – $140.14

Remember that these costs can add up quickly during heavy snowfall months! It’s always a good idea to keep track of weather forecasts and plan accordingly.

Seasonal Cost

If you prefer not worrying about each individual storm and would rather have a set price for the entire season, many companies offer seasonal rates as well. You’ll find yourself paying anywhere from around 409 dollars all the way up to roughly 1 grand depending on various factors such as location and driveway size.

Here are those numbers again:

Cost TypePrice Range (CAD)
Seasonal Cost$409 – $1,137

It might seem steep at first glance but considering that this covers multiple months of service through potentially relentless winter conditions—it could be worth every penny!

Residential Snow Removal

And then there’s residential snow removal—typically measured by how much it costs per six inches of snow cleared away. For this service in PEI prices generally fall somewhere between just over fifty bucks ($54) up into close-to-two-hundred territory ($196).

Once more with feeling:

Service Type & Snow Amounts Removed Per Service Session (inches)
6″ Residential Snow Removal:

Snowy winters don’t have to be stressful when there are professional services available within reach at reasonable prices!

Newfoundland and Labrador

When it comes to snow removal costs in Newfoundland and Labrador, there’s a range you can expect. It all depends on the specific service you’re seeking.

Let’s break down these costs for better understanding:

Hourly/Visit Cost: If your preference is to pay by the hour or per visit, rates typically run between $52.78 and $143.78 per hour.

Seasonal Cost: For those who prefer paying for an entire season of snow removal services upfront, it generally falls within the bracket of $427.7 to $1,155.7 per season, depending upon your contract details.

For homeowners particularly interested in residential snow removal cost, if up to 6 inches of snow needs clearing from your property, it may set you back anywhere from $58.24 to $200.2

Here’s a quick glance at these figures:

Service TypeCost
Hourly/Visit$52.78 – $143..78
Seasonal$427..7 – 1,$155..7
Residential (up to 6 inches)$58..24 – $$200..2

Now let’s shift gears a bit and focus on landscaping as well! As Colin Macmillan with years of experience under my belt running Riverwood Landscape—a renowned brand in Canada—I can assure that investing in professional landscaping services has its perks too!

First off, think about curb appeal—something Canadian Curb Appeal Magazine knows plenty about! A well-maintained landscape not only elevates your home’s aesthetic but also increases its market value significantly!


  • Quality landscaping reduces chances of foundational damage caused by uncontrolled growth
  • Keeps pests at bay
  • And even helps save water when done right!

During my work with Guelph Hospital I saw firsthand how transforming outdoor spaces not only created beautiful surroundings but also promoted wellness among patients & staff alike.

So while tackling that pesky winter weather remember—you’ve got options—and don’t forget about sprucing up that garden come springtime!

Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

Let’s dive into the final region of our snow removal cost analysis – the northern territories. We’re talking about Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut here. Due to a lack of specific data for these regions it’s always recommended that you reach out directly to local snow removal contractors for accurate estimates.

In these parts of Canada where winter is more intense and lengthy than in most other areas nationwide, professional snow removal services are not just an option but often a necessity. And while it might seem like an added expense at first glance remember this: investing in quality services saves you time and reduces your risk of injury from attempting DIY ice or heavy snow lifting.

Consider this too; professional landscaping companies like Riverwood Landscape don’t only offer aesthetic improvements. They can also provide safety enhancements such as proper winter yard maintenance which can be especially crucial if your property has slopes or uneven surfaces that become hazardous when covered with ice or packed with snow.

From my personal experience working at Guelph Hospital I’ve seen how neglecting regular outdoor maintenance during snowy seasons can lead to serious accidents causing unnecessary hospital visits! Don’t let this happen on your watch!

While costs may vary widely based on factors such as the size and complexity of your property along with frequency of service required here are some general points:

  • Regular contracts: These typically cover a season (November-April) including all labor equipment use salting/sanding if needed.
  • Per visit charges: This is generally preferred by those who do not have constant heavy fall but still want their driveways walkways clear after significant storms.

I encourage homeowners to weigh the benefits against costs considering both short-term convenience long-term effects on property value curb appeal even personal safety before making any decisions about their winter landscape management strategy.

Looking back now building Riverwood Landscape into one successful brand in Canada was no small feat! It involved understanding Canadian homeowners’ needs providing them excellent service all year round – including challenging months marked by heavy frostfall deep freezes… But isn’t overcoming challenges what makes life interesting?

Remember there’s no substitute for professional expertise when dealing with tough Canadian winters especially up north! Stay safe folks keep warm invest wisely in your home’s curb appeal… Because beauty isn’t merely skin deep after all!

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