Top Retailers for Outdoor Lighting in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide (2023 Update)

As an exterior home designer based in Canada with a passion for outdoor aesthetics, I understand the transformative power of outdoor lighting. It goes beyond mere illumination—it enhances architectural features, generates a welcoming ambiance, and boosts home security. One question that frequently comes up is: where to find top retailers for outdoor lighting in Canada? To help answer this, I’ve compiled an up-to-date guide for 2023 highlighting the top outdoor lighting retailers in the country.

The Home Depot Canada

We start our list with The Home Depot, a renowned home improvement retailer with a vast assortment of outdoor lighting fixtures. From elegant wall lanterns to stylish ceiling lights and landscape lighting that enhances your garden’s beauty, The Home Depot offers a multitude of options. Whatever your home exterior’s style, you’re likely to find a fitting solution at The Home Depot. Visit their website here.

Lowe’s Canada

Next on the list is Lowe’s Canada, a competitor of The Home Depot in the home improvement retail space. Lowe’s, too, provides a broad range of outdoor lighting fixtures. No matter your budget or style preference, Lowe’s has a solution that should cater to your needs. Their selection is quite diverse, making Lowe’s a reliable stop for your outdoor lighting fixtures. Check out Lowe’s collection here.

Outdoor Lighting in Canada

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is another retail giant when it comes to outdoor lighting. Their selection is broad, including offerings such as solar lights, LED lights, and even decorative string lights. Canadian Tire has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to illuminate a pathway, highlight a feature in your garden, or create a whimsical atmosphere with fairy lights. Visit their outdoor lighting section here.

Costco Canada

Costco Canada is well-known for its bulk buying options, but did you know it’s also an excellent place for outdoor lighting fixtures? They provide a variety of lights, including long-lasting, weatherproof string lights that emanate a warm, decorative glow. These lights can be linked up to 2160 ft. (45 sets) of connected lights, creating a beautiful and expansive outdoor ambiance​1​. Explore Costco’s outdoor lighting collection here.

RONA Canada

RONA, a Canadian retailer of home improvement and construction products, also offers a wide array of outdoor lighting options. They have a variety of fixtures suitable for different outdoor spaces, including gazebo-friendly ceiling fans and LED Edison string lights for that vintage feel​2​. RONA’s collection ensures you’ll find a lighting solution that matches your exterior home design aesthetics. Check out their selection here.

impressive outdoor lighting

IKEA Canada

IKEA, a Swedish multinational known for its ready-to-assemble furniture, also offers an impressive range of outdoor lighting options. Whether you’re looking for fairy lights to create a magical patio atmosphere or practical outdoor lighting to brighten your space, IKEA has you covered. Their fixtures are designed to add warmth and an inviting glow to any outdoor area​. Explore IKEA’s outdoor lighting offerings here.

Wayfair Canada

Online retail giant Wayfair Canada offers a vast selection of high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures. Wayfair’s selection ranges from landscape lighting that accentuates your yard’s best features to solar lights that offer an energy-efficient solution. They also offer outdoor porch lights and patio lights, ensuring you’ll find a fixture that perfectly suits your needs​1​. Browse Wayfair’s outdoor lighting collection here.

Walmart Canada

Walmart is another great destination for outdoor lighting solutions. They offer a variety of fixtures designed to enhance your outdoor spaces, from patios and backyards to driveways and more. These fixtures not only add style to your home but also improve its security, enhancing your property’s overall appeal​2​. Check out Walmart’s outdoor lighting offerings here.

fixtures are designed to add warmth and an inviting glow to any outdoor area_


Outdoor lighting can significantly enhance the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy ambiance, an illuminated garden, or increased security, these top Canadian retailers offer a wealth of options to suit any style or budget. Remember to consider factors such as your home’s exterior design, the amount of natural light in your area, and the purpose of your outdoor lighting.

Though this list is comprehensive, I encourage you to explore these retailers’ websites for the most current products and prices. Please note that the availability of certain products may vary by location and season. Enjoy the process of transforming your outdoor space with the perfect lighting!

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