Wheelbarrow Garden

To maintain a garden and its raw beauty is a draining chore; you need to have a wheelbarrow to carry the soil, pots, fertilizers, and mulch. But if you believe your wheelbarrow is no longer usable, you can DIY that wheelbarrow into a garden to modernize it and benefit from a handy, aesthetic planter.

Like all tools, there comes a time when your wheelbarrow would become damaged or rusty, or its wheels would collapse. Rather than junking your old, worn garden carts, there are ways to transform and give them new life.

Rust and deformity must not stop you from using old wheelbarrows, as such details contribute to their appeal and rustic charm. Garden carts or wheelbarrows as permanent gardens and flower planters are trending items, though in most cases, they are built mainly as garden decorations.

Using Garden Carts As Garden Planters

For an effortlessly creative gardening idea, you can move a vintage garden cart into any open space in your yard, planting it with a lovely array of flowers. You can even use it as an added small garden bed if you have plants you like to cultivate that don’t need deep roots.

Those who do not have a wheelbarrow can briefly visit a junkyard, a thrift store, or some retail stores for a low price.

When entirely planted, it looks natural within the lawn yet is highly practical and delivers a powerful trademark to your property. Also, a wheelbarrow can function as a stand-alone mini garden on balconies, patios, or within the yard.

With an expansive base providing enough planting spaces, you can efficiently alter the garden once the centrepiece is ready! Check out the ideas below and make your wheelbarrow flower garden with love, effort, and style.

Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

A garden with colorful flowers and a wheelbarrow.
A wooden wheelbarrow can be reconditioned into a beautiful decorative plant box. Choose and plant your favourite flowers and herbs in this barrow for aesthetic purposes.

This design is ideal for those who want to stain the wood, creating a vibrant character in the garden. Build a wheelbarrow with wood blocks and scrap from the store if you don’t have wood stock at home.

Rustic Wheelbarrow Succulent Garden

Try planting your succulents in a rustic wheelbarrow for an eye-catching and impressive focal point in your yard. With dusty surroundings, this rusty wheelbarrow gives a desert landscape that looks great. You’ll need the correct soil and some pebbles to integrate texture into the setup.

Home Address Wheelbarrow

This customized wheelbarrow will display your house number in a modern style and makes a perfect addition to your front porch. Construct this wheelbarrow with wood blocks and plywood from the craft store quickly and efficiently.

You can also use the steel plate or purchase a product for stencilling the house number. Another good thing about this design is that you can use the bucket portion of the wheelbarrow for planting.

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Create an adorable miniature landscape in an old wheelbarrow that you can relocate to match your lifestyle or mood. It can get as elaborate as you desire by including as many elements. Let your imagination run wild.

Visit local garden stores for rocks, stones, fairy-sized accessories, and the perfect plants for this type of garden.

Red Wheelbarrow With Hanging Plants

When you have a lot of long plants without hanging baskets, an vintage, tainted wheelbarrow is the best example of repurposing old gardening tools that will grow the plant from the ground.

Hanging plants, such as begonias and petunias, are compatible with wheelbarrows. Their dangling nature gives the flowers a cascading effect. Paint the wheelbarrow red, making it pop out from your yard.

Big Garden In A Wheelbarrow

The sizeable old-fashioned wheelbarrow is concealed beneath a cloud of multicoloured hanging flowers while standing on gravel for stability and keeping it level.

Thanks to its bigger size, it can carry more weight, allowing heaps of unique flowers, ripe with foliage and a mixture of colours.

Overturned Wheelbarrow Planter

This exceptional design is the easiest and cheapest plan on this list. It is perfect for your old wheelbarrow – a new wheelbarrow wouldn’t look exactly right. If you don’t, it’s best to adopt a different plan sold online.

Using the wheelbarrow, you don’t have to invest much in planting pots. You can uniquely utilize the less garden space to grow your favourite flowers and herbs.

How to Use A Wheelbarrow As A Planter

Filled with flowers.

Check The Wheelbarrow

Make your wheelbarrow is not on the verge of collapse and is not spoiled with anything that will damage your plants.

Select A location

Decide where to place it as it will be hard to move it once it is loaded. Find the perfect location in your garden, backyard, or front yard, and arrange it based on the look you want to attain with your barrow garden.

Paint The Barrow

Complete the look with paint. This will posh it up and also defend against rust. If you’re using a wooden wheelbarrow, it will prevent water penetration and moulds and fungi from forming.

Create Drainage

If the barrow is water-repellent, you must drill several small holes into the bottom of the wheelbarrow for drainage.

Cover garden carts with landscape fabric to protect the wood and stop soil from slipping through the drainage holes. If you notice any holes, pull the plastic through and cut it to enable drainage.

Start Planting

Choose the plants you like in the planter. If the plants are to stay in their pots, spread them as you see fit and fill any gaps with horticultural sand. If you intend to remove the plants from their containers, lay an inch or two of fine gravel on the wheelbarrow’s base.

Turning an old wheelbarrow into an eye-catching planter is a fun, brilliant way to re-purpose and raise a mobile garden of flowers, herbs, and bushes.

We hope this article has been inspiring. Whether you build a fairy garden or home address wheelbarrow from weary garden carts, you certainly add appeal to your lawn.

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