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Welcome to Curbwise.ca, your premier online destination dedicated to enhancing your home’s outdoor curb appeal. Founded by Colin Macmillan, the CEO of Riverwood Landscape, Curbwise.ca is more than just a magazine or a blog. It’s a comprehensive resource for homeowners who are passionate about making their outdoor spaces as beautiful and functional as possible. Here, you’ll find expert advice, inspiring ideas, and the latest trends in gardens, lawn care, snow removal, curb appeal, patios, interlocking, and everything else that defines the art of exceptional outdoor living.

Our Mission

At Curbwise.ca, our mission is clear. We aim to empower our readers with knowledge, insight, and inspiration to transform their outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes that reflect their taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional landscaper, or someone who’s just starting to explore the world of outdoor beautification, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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About Colin Macmillan

Colin Macmillan, the driving force behind Curbwise.ca, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a vision to bring the art of landscaping closer to people. His journey began when he took the reins of Riverwood Landscape right after high school, steering it to become a leading name in the Canadian landscaping industry. Colin’s profound knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of landscaping, including lawn care, interlocking, sod installation, and commercial maintenance, are the bedrock of Curbwise.ca’s authoritative content..

Under his leadership, Riverwood Landscape flourished, expanding its horizons through a successful landscape franchise model that now services multiple locations. This achievement not only highlights Colin’s strategic thinking and operational acumen but also his unwavering commitment to scale excellence. His collaboration with prestigious clients like Guelph Hospital stands as a testament to the trust and reliability his company commands in the field.

Colin’s vision for Curbwise.ca is an extension of his professional mission: to offer the best services, experiences, and insights to customers and readers alike. His dedication to excellence, passion for landscaping, and customer-centric approach are the pillars that support every article, guide, and piece of advice published on Curbwise.ca.

Our Content

At Curbwise.ca, you’ll discover a wealth of information tailored to your interests and needs. Our meticulously curated content ranges from practical how-to guides and maintenance tips to design trends and innovative landscaping solutions. We understand the value of your outdoor space, and we’re dedicated to helping you elevate its beauty and functionality.

Join us in this journey to transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and tranquility. Explore, learn, and get inspired with Curbwise.ca, where every article is a step towards realizing the outdoor space of your dreams. Welcome aboard!

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