Cost to Remove a Tree Stump: Comprehensive Guide to Factors and Expenses

Removing a tree stump from your garden might seem like a daunting task, but it’s a necessary step to reclaim your space and prevent potential hazards. You’re probably wondering about the cost to remove a tree stump and what factors influence the price. In this article, we’ll delve into the average costs you can expect, from simple stump removal to getting rid of both the stump and roots.

We’ll explore the price variations based on stump diameter and why larger stumps will have your wallet feeling a bit lighter. Whether you’re considering DIY methods or hiring professionals, understanding the cost implications is crucial. Stick around to get the lowdown on tree stump removal expenses and make an informed decision for your property.

Factors that affect the cost of tree stump removal

Understanding the variables at play can help you anticipate and manage the expenses linked to stump removal. Several factors, some more impactful than others, will determine the final pricing. Let’s delve into each and get you better equipped for your garden venture.

Size of the Stump

Size matters when it comes to stump removal costs. Larger stumps necessitate more resources and time to remove, thus increasing the price.

Stump Size (Inches)Cost RangeAverage Cost
12$60 – $42$36
18$90 – $63$54
24$120 – $84$72
30$150 – $105$90
36$180 – $126$108

Charges are typically calculated by the Diameter Inch, ranging from $2 to $5. This provides a transparent and measurable approach to pricing.

Location of the Stump

The accessibility of the stump also affects the cost. Stumps that are easily accessible will be less expensive to remove. For example, if it’s close to a road, it saves on transport and time, costing you less. On the contrary, if it’s behind a shed or up a set of steps, the added difficulty will reflect in your bill.

Depth of the Stump

It’s not just the width that counts. The depth of a stump and its root system is a critical factor. Deeper stumps with extensive root systems require more labour and time to fully excavate, resulting in higher costs. Roots that penetrate deep into the ground or spread extensively may necessitate specialised equipment, which can significantly add to the overall expense of the project.

Number of Stumps

The more stumps you need removed, the more cost-effective the service becomes per stump. Tree service companies might offer you a deal for multiple stumps — you’ll pay a Reduced Rate for each additional stump after the first:

Additional StumpsCost Range
1+$40 – $83 each

This bulk service approach encourages more comprehensive yard clearing and is beneficial if you’re landscaping or clearing a larger area.

Type of Tree

Don’t overlook the Species of the Tree. Hardwood trees like Oak and Maple are tough to break down compared to softwoods like Pine. Here’s a quick take:

  • Hardwoods: Higher Cost due to density and resistance to breaking down.
  • Softwoods: Lower Cost because they are less dense and more manageable.

Each tree presents its own set of challenges, so identifying the tree type can give you a more realistic estimate before you begin the stump removal process.

Professional service removing a tree stump

Methods of tree stump removal

When you’re looking at clearing your land of unsightly tree stumps, understanding the different removal methods available is crucial. Each method has its unique benefits, timelines, and costs associated with it. Let’s dig into the details.

Manual Removal

Manual stump removal is ideal for small to medium-sized stumps and involves physical labour to excavate the stump from the ground. This method is labor-intensive but ensures complete removal of the stump and its roots. Benefits of manual removal include:

  • Full stump and root system elimination.
  • No chemical use, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Leaves the soil clean and clear for immediate replanting.

Chemical Removal

Chemical stump removal is a go-to method for those seeking a less labor-intensive option. By applying chemical rotting agents, you expedite the natural decay of the stump, which typically takes several weeks to months. The main advantages are:

  • Minimal physical effort required.
  • Effective for stumps in locations that are hard to reach with machinery.
  • Lower immediate cost compared to mechanical methods.

Ensure you follow safety instructions meticulously when handling chemicals to avoid health risks and environmental harm.

Mechanical Removal

For instant results, mechanical removal is your method of choice. This method deploys heavy machinery, like a backhoe, to physically pull the stump from the ground. The benefits include:

  • Quick and instant stump removal.
  • Effective for stumps of varying sizes and soil types.
  • Ideal for clearing large areas with multiple stumps.

However, the downside to mechanical removal is the potential damage to the surrounding landscape due to the machinery’s size and power.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a preferred and effective method for many due to its speed and efficiency. The process involves a stump grinder that shreds the stump into wood chips. Highlighted benefits are:

  • Faster than manual removal with immediate results.
  • Eco-friendly, ultimately turning the stump into usable mulch.
  • Avoids the extensive excavation seen in manual removal.

The limitation? Stump grinding doesn’t completely remove the root system, which could be a problem if you plan to build or replant in the same spot.

With these stump removal methods in mind, your choice largely depends on your specific situation, future plans for the area, and budget considerations. Remember that each approach will have varying impacts on your land and immediate usability post-removal.

Stump grinding machine in action

Additional factors that may affect the cost

Understanding all factors that come into play with stump removal will help you anticipate and budget more effectively. Let’s delve into several aspects that can tweak the cost of removing that unwelcome stump.


The ease with which professionals can access the stump greatly influences your final bill. If the stump is located:

  • Behind a narrow passage
  • Near fences or buildings
  • Across rugged terrain

…then you’re likely looking at an uptick in price. Simple access through wide, clear passages could mean significant savings. Consider that typically, the more complex the access, the higher the cost due to the need for additional labour or smaller, specialized equipment.

Root System

The complexity of the stump’s root system plays a critical role in the cost equation. A widespread and deep root system will require:

  • More intensive labour
  • Extended hours on the job
  • Possible extra machinery

These factors lead to an increase in costs. Understand that firms may charge by the hour for intricate root removals, so be prepared for a heftier price tag for stubborn roots.

Cleanup and Disposal

After the stump is removed, you’re left with debris. Factor in cleanup and disposal when calculating costs. This typically involves:

  • Wood chip removal
  • Soil replacement
  • Surface levelling

Services might offer comprehensive packages, including disposal, but this will add to the overall cost. However, keeping your property neat post-removal may be worth the extra pounds.

Additional Services

Are you considering additional services like tree removal or landscaping? Know that stump removal is often billed separately. Although bundling services isn’t usually an option, you may still inquire about discounts for multiple services with the same provider.

Remember, each service adds to the total cost. Whether it’s extracting another stump or pruning nearby trees, these will be calculated independently and influence the final cost of your project.


Understanding the various elements that influence tree stump removal costs ensures you’re prepared for the investment required. Remember, factors like accessibility, root complexity, and cleanup efforts play a significant role in the final price. It’s essential to factor in these aspects, along with any additional services you might need. By doing so, you’ll avoid unexpected expenses and can budget effectively for a clear, revitalised outdoor space. With this knowledge, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision on your stump removal project.

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