How To Install New Sod

Whether you’re a landscape veteran or a new DIYer who is looking to add curb appeal to their home by laying new sod on their lawn, there are a few ways to make installing new sod easier.

Nothing feels nicer than newly laid sod that complements your home’s exterior features. But laying sod can be a tough job, so here are some useful tips and tricks to get the job done efficiently and properly.

Step 1: Prep The Site And Soil

To prepare your soil, use a rake to ensure it is even and level with the rest of your yard. This is the best time to apply any soil amendments to the area. These act like a conditioner that balances your soil pH level and makes prep work a little easier when it comes to DIY sod installation.

Fill any holes or air pockets with a good amount of topsoil to ensure your soil is even and healthy. Remove any rocks and large weeds that can cause potential problems in your yard. This will make your surface more even and makes laying your sod easier in the long run.

Lay the first sod roll along your sidewalk, and position your other sod rolls in a criss-cross pattern to prepare for rolling out your new sod.

a man is working on landscaping in the yard.

Step 2: Unrolling The Sod

After you place the sod in the order you want it, unroll the strips tightly against the side of the first roll of turfgrass. Taking the time to unroll each row and place it tightly against other sections will help your lawn last during the harsh weather conditions in Ontario and across the country.

The width of each roll of sod is typically two feet. When you unroll the sod closely, you allow each roll to connect with each other and create a strong grass with stronger roots. Be mindful of sprinkler heads and other products that might get in the way of how you lay the sod.

Step 3: Trimming

After you’ve unrolled each roll of sod, use a utility knife or sod cutter to trim the edges of your new lawn. Shape your sod accordingly and follow your lawn’s natural shape. When you lay each piece of your lawn, you’ll start to see it come together and you’ll be able to apply a starter fertilizer or grass seed to promote yard health.

Step 4: Levelling Your New Sod

After spending time trimming the edge of your new lawn, you’ll have to even it out. Use a large lawn roller to level out the area. Use the edges as a guide and apply a good bit of pressure to the grass to ensure an even roll.

This is one of the most important steps of laying sod because it really cements the soil to the new grass. Once you’ve cemented everything, you can start enjoying your new lawn.

Sod Installation Tips

If you choose to lay sod pieces on your lawn, you can guarantee a lawn you can be proud of. When you lay sod, you need to have a proper watering schedule for not only your lawn. but also your garden beds and other areas. You need to thoroughly soak your sod and soil in a couple of inches of water for the first week after laying sod.
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Giving your lawn the proper amount of water can make your turf last longer. After the first week, you should check your sod for any signs of dryness and give it the water it needs. Make sure to perform your watering in the early afternoon or morning, as excess water on turf can lead to a lot of fungus and disease in certain areas.

Consulting The Lawn Care Experts

Landscaping and lawn care teams can help you get a beautiful lawn with nutrient-rich soil. Many work directly with sod farms to access premium sod rolls. They often offer installation service and can assist in reseeding or getting rid of weeds after you lay sod.

These experts know the best steps to take for maintaining healthy soil levels during the sod laying process and they take care of each row of sod and section of your yard. Working with professionals is a fool-proof way to get a luscious, vibrant lawn in time for summer, and to maintain it throughout the rest of the season.

If you’re ever unsure of where to start a value-increasing project, like laying sod, contact the experts who can make your life easier while installing a picture-perfect lawn for you and your family to enjoy throughout spring and summer.


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