Upgrade Your Outdoor With These Pool Garden Ideas

We yearn for a fairytale-like garden with a gorgeous pool in the summer months. The greenery landscaping surrounding the swimming pool, the natural colour, and the structure combine to construct a very serene and relaxing ambiance in your backyard. A pool garden would be a cool place to unwind and be leisurely. Sitting or chilling on the pool deck with trees, flowers, and some planters in your view will give you a sense of being in nature and add to a peaceful environment.

However, many swimming pool owners don’t know where to begin creating their ideal garden pool.

There are two primary types to consider when planning your garden pool ideas: softscaping and hardscaping. Pool landscaping, or softscaping, involves the gardening aspects of your landscape design, like adding perennial flowers, shrubs, succulents, and trees. By contrast, hardscaping pertains to non-living elements, generally hard surfaces.

To help you start conceptualizing what sort of pool landscaping ideas you like for your backyard pool, let our Pool Garden Ideas give you some inspiration for your gardening project and create an aesthetically-appealing outdoor area for swimming and relaxing.

Eye-Catching Ideas For Your Garden Pool

Create Boundaries With Accent Walls

If you own an oversized yard and can afford to allot more money on the pool garden, you can create unique partitioning with an artistically made garden wall. Incorporating an accent wall is another brilliant way to supply privacy for your pool.

A circular doorway can wisely utilize pool landscaping ideas because it invites you to stroll while offering an imposing backdrop to the pool area. Choosing a streamlined, white-rendered wall enables the excellent blue colour of the water to pop against the background. At the same time, a variety of trees helps tone down the overall appearance of the site and provides shade along the perimeter of the pool – ideal during summer.

Take Advantage of Ornamental Grasses

A garden-inspired pool setting with abundant greenery.
For such a transparent screening effect is wanted, think about working with tall ornamental grass. Tall grasses in a huge grouping can be an absolute answer for blocking an undesirable view or covering an area of your pool from the viewpoint of neighbors or passersby. Ornamental grasses can even create low sectioning around the pool designs that structure the pool area and soften the concrete edge of a swimming pool.

Whether you use them as parititions, decorations, or focal points, ornamental grasses quickly add refined texture and lasting vigour to your pool landscaping.

Mosaic Pool Design

Mosaics will bring personality to your swimming pool and undeniably wow your guest. You’ll have unlimited choices for your pool floor’s design – floral motives, geometric shapes, or sea creatures. When it comes to pool ornament, mermaids are among the in-demand design. You can also choose an abstract involving some flashy colours. Like the tiles in your bathroom and kitchen, swimming pool mosaic tiles are available in various shapes, types, and styles.

Add A Recreational Zone

Pool areas aren’t only for swimming, tanning and lounging – they’re also for entertaining. Hence, try considering building a play area. As grown-ups relax in the pool, kids can have fun and take a swim, too. A simple arrangement with primary colours and shapes doesn’t occupy much space and blends well with the overall design style.

Although you might not own enough space or have the budget for a kiddie pool, adding some enjoyable garden activities can be a brilliant method. Use anti-slip surfaces and ensure any ground cover has seamless joins to avoid tripping.

Be Creative With Irregular Shape

An outdoor hot tub surrounded by a stone wall for garden ideas.
For a more relaxed, natural feature that imitates a pond or a lake, opt for a freeform shape backyard pool in place of a rectangular one. A freeform pool offers a room for swimming and adorns your backyard. These pools have added features to appear more like spring than a swimming pool that can also create patio areas that serve various functions – grilling, dining, sunbathing, and lounge areas. Fill with flourishing pool landscaping ideas and a flagstone patio to achieve the natural undertone.

Trendy Infinity Edge Pool

Although infinity pools have been the go-to of resorts and hotels worldwide, this doesn’t suggest they are not fitted on a backyard scene. If you have an incomparable view from your own backyard, take advantage of that. An infinity pool is exactly what you’re seeking to complete the visual appearance of continuous water flow. Also known as disappearing edges, they click if you like the sound and view of water flowing over the edge. This swimming pool makes a sublime and extravagant addition to any property.

Combine Nature And Design

A swimming pool featuring a water feature is a water-on-water experience that acts as a centre of attention and invites you into its territory. As with other elements on your lawn, you have to choose water features that suit your home’s and pool’s structural pattern. See to it that your selected water feature is not too enormous for your pool and yard dimensions. A well-designed pool water feature should be visually pleasing and enthralling to other senses.

Suppose you aim to bring divine babbling background noise and motion to your pool or to have a unique focal point, then water features help create an exquisite garden oasis comparable to a resort.

Whirlpool Of Fun

Nothing sparks more happiness in the pool than a therapeutic bubble bath. When you’re torn between a whirlpool and a swimming pool in the garden, why not have both? You can own a pool for your outdoor area furnished with a whirlpool. With this indulgence in your backyard, you can hang around the entire summer in the garden with family and friends.

Tips To Consider When It Comes To Planting For Your Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Selection of Plants

Swimming pool areas are the perfect location to plant lovely flowers and greeneries.

You want plants that are low-maintenance, don’t drop their leaves, and can withstand extreme sun exposure and radiating heat. Moreover, they have to play their parts in giving shade, privacy screening, or adding beautiful colour, texture, and structure.

Plant Evergreens

The sun is setting over the water from the deck of a house with a pool.
Planting evergreens and hardy perennials at the side or around the pools is a brilliant idea. Like so, you save time since you don’t have to scoop up biodegradable waste in the pool, and filtration systems don’t plug. Falling leaves, twigs, and debris can cost you hours cleaning the areas that surround your pool.

Avoid Thorny Plants

Thorny plants like cacti, bougainvillea, and roses can hurt swimmers who approach them. They could easily hurt themselves when not paying attention, making strolling around the pool difficult. Choose non-prickly succulents that express some of your preferred thorny plants, like aloe.

Avoid With Extensive Roots

Some trees may look captivating surrounding a pool; however, their sprawling, extensive rootings can seriously damage the paving, pool walls, and underground pipes. Primarily, don’t plant giant trees near pools as they can block the sun’s warmth or may even obstruct the sight and sounds of the pool.

Avoid plants that attract unwanted insects

Planting pollen-producing or strong-smelling plants might look like a delightful approach, though if they invite flies, bees, and other insects to your garden in numbers, they will probably make life uneasy. Nobody likes being bitten by insects as they dive. Opt for chrysanthemums, lavender, magnolia, marigolds, and peppermint.

Choose Easy-To-Maintain Plants

Your pool landscaping must spruce up its surroundings and set a vibe, like a serene island or hidden spring. You don’t want to spend most of your spare time pruning and cleansing your swimming pools, particularly those in inaccessible places. Keep it simple. You can lounge and admire the landscape if you place the appropriate selection of plants.

Planter Containers

Due to the emergence of planters, garden areas are becoming more convenient, resulting in real benefits. Plants can be carried around swimming pools. Also, adding potted containers adds colour, divides the space, and enables your design style to stand out.

Proper Lighting

Pool lighting is helpful for swimming after dark. The correct lighting elements can result in enjoyable nightly swimming sessions and highlight the pool’s architecture. They also create a unique mood at night. The verdict of which landscape lights to utilize has much to do with the structure of your backyard. A licensed and skilled professional must only conduct any pool lighting installation.


A table and chairs next to a pond in a garden.
Adding furniture can transform your pool area into a cozy lounging space for your guests. They can also be a lovely accessory to your pool landscaping. Going for a pergola to keep you and your family cool on hot days is magnificent. Plus, large outdoor table umbrellas have a dual role: shielding you from solar’s rays and the view. Add outdoor rugs to your setup to define living spaces.

Include Shade

Escape from the sizzling sun through trees, shrubs, or constructions is essential for pool landscaping. Aside from providing relief from the heat, they usually set a focal point for the area.

The one tree characteristic you need to avoid is a tall plant that sheds a lot. Trees should also have non-invasive root systems to avoid uprooting any hardscaping. A palm tree is an excellent option which sheds little and has a small root ball.

Besides umbrellas and pergolas, shade sails are among the most in-demand forms of shade that you can establish for your pool area. Instant-up canopies can efficiently offer sun protection to a whole pool section.

Best Swimming Pool Ideas For Your Garden

Gardening a swimming pool area is a unique endeavour for everyone. Nearly all pool areas include a garden, though the design differs. A pool garden helps you create memories for the coming years. And on top of that, it’ll undoubtedly boost your home’s value, curb appeal, and make your pool area even more relaxing.

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