Garden Arbor With Bench

Have you considered incorporating garden arbor designs into your garden layout? Alongside your plant collection, you should also think about a space to unwind. An arbor in the garden with a bench below offers a delightful area to savour the surroundings.

Naturally, you can place a pair of patio seats in your garden for a makeshift relaxation zone. However, a custom-made bench nestled under a garden arbor offers a more enduring space to relax when the weather turns nice, and it introduces a graceful architectural element.

What Is A Garden Arbor Bench

Arbors are commonly mistaken for pergolas, trellises, or gazebos due to their similarities. In reality, an arbor is distinguished by the inclusion of a trellis in its design, forming a passage-like gateway into another part of a garden or yard. These structures can be standalone or adjoined to another feature, such as a fence.

A garden arbor bench is a seating arrangement located within an arbor’s wooden frame. This creates a sheltered garden nook. The enclosure and roof can be made of wood panels or from climbing plants guided on a wooden frame or trellis.

Now, let’s explore two (2) of the top-recommended garden arbor bench options on the market for your consideration.

All Things Cedar Garden Arbor

The All Things Cedar Garden Arbor with Bench is a beautiful addition for anyone desiring to enjoy more quality time in their outdoor surroundings. This pergola-style arbor with a bench features eye-catching elements such as an arched header and inset lattice panels.

Constructed from smooth-sanded western red cedar, the bench and arbor exhibit a natural finish that accentuates the elegance of the material. The All Things Cedar Garden Arbor with Bench features a towering lattice on each side, forming an ideal platform for climbing vines. Crafted with corrosion-resistant fasteners, the wood won’t be discoloured, maintaining its outdoor longevity. Adding to its durability, cedar naturally wards off insects and can withstand weather changes, guaranteeing that this beautiful piece will serve you for many years.

  • Outside Dimensions: 60w x 25d x 86h
  • Inside Dimensions: 45w x 22d x 80h – ( unassembled kit )
  • Weight: 53lbs

Giantex Wooden Garden Arbor

The garden arbor with bench provides a generous expanse for climbing plants to flourish, enhancing your garden’s lively ambiance and aesthetics. The arbor boasts a bench that accommodates two people comfortably, with a high backrest and a capacity of up to 543 lbs. This bench allows you and a companion to sit, relax, and take in the beauty of nature.

Constructed from natural fir wood and meticulously crafted, the garden arbor with bench is an attractive garden feature and a durable and weather-resistant structure, bound to serve you for many years. Additionally, the care and precision put into the smooth, burr-free finish not only enhance its appearance but also ensure safety. With this garden arbor with bench, your outdoor space is transformed into a charming retreat that fosters the growth of climbing plants.

  • Overall Dimensions: 47.5” x 22” x 81.5” (L x W x H)
  • Size of the Bench: 143” x 19.5” (L x W)
  • Height of the Bench: 17.5”

A wooden bench in a garden surrounded by flowers.

Garden Arbor Bench Design Ideas

Constructing an arbor bench isn’t significantly more complex than assembling a standalone bench. The main structure is the arbor, to which the bench is affixed using screws. This arbor bench offers shade and comfort, as well as a handy privacy screen from neighbors. It can be set up on an already existing patio or constructed on your deck.

Gable Roof Arbor Bench

Gable roofs are prevalent in garden arbors. They can be constructed as either straight or curved, and solid or adorned with lattice work setups. This design harks back to the traditional English era when gardens were a central feature of estates.

  • Designs with Octagon Windows – ​The unique design of the structure is recognizable by its lattice-work incorporated octagonal windows and the contrasting white painted seat. The concept encourages you to tuck your feet into the bolt-shaped opening for ultimate relaxation. A slight arch characterizes the gabled roof, adding a contemporary touch to the overall design.
  • Cottage Style Idea – This could be an ideal spot in your garden to unwind with a book or enjoy a glass of wine. It features a convenient armrest with an integrated drink holder and a cozy bench seat situated beneath the gable roof. The bench is expertly crafted in Redwood and finished with a coat of paint.

Lattice Arbor With Bench Designs

If you wish to train climbing vines to grow on a trellis or lattice, this garden bench design cater to your needs. Its back and side walls are specifically designed with a lattice pattern.

  • 3-side Lattice Design – An arbor bench with a sturdy roof and three sides featuring diagonal lattice trellis panels can be constructed, which is a suitable setup for climbing plants. Alternatively, the bench’s sides and back can be configured with square lattice panels. Both these designs are perfect to enhance the beauty of climbing plants.

Enclosed Garden Arbor Seat Ideas

Constructing a cozy, sheltered garden bench from a DIY kit is a dream for many homeowners. It’s a solution that allows them to relish the open air, rain or shine.

  • Enclosed Seat Design with Cathedral Roof – This unique design includes a storage area under a flip-up seat and a tin metal roof. It’s a DIY kit that can be easily put together by two individuals. You have the freedom to paint or stain it as you wish.

Pergola Arbor Benches

Currently, the garden arbor bench design known as the pergola arbor with bench is highly popular. This design features everything you could want – a stylish pergola top, a cozy bench, and two lattice panels. These benches not only serve as enchanting additions to your lawn or patio, but they also make delightful settings for weddings.

Arched Roof Arbor Benches

The distinctive design and construction of arched roof bench arbors merit a unique category. The creation of these arbors necessitates specialized tools and woodworking skills which might not be easily manageable for a DIY novice. Nonetheless, it creates a pleasant spot to unwind!

A wooden gazebo arbor in the middle of a park.

Gazebo Style Arbor Bench Ideas

Garden benches designed in a gazebo style are termed gazebo arbors because of their large intricate roofs and multiple sides, some even shaped like hexagons. With a minimum seating of two benches and the capability to accommodate four or more people, they replicate the aesthetic of a traditional backyard gazebo rather than a simple garden seat. They are primarily designed to be placed in corner locations.

How to Build an Arbor Bench

Materials needed:

  • 4×4 posts (4 pieces, 8 ft long)
  • 2×4 lumber (4 pieces, 8 ft long)
  • 2×2 lumber (12 pieces, 3-4 ft long)
  • 1×4 lumber (3 pieces, 8 ft long)
  • Wood screws
  • Wood stain or paint (optional)
  • Concrete mix (optional)
  • Note: Before starting your project, ensure that the wood is thoroughly dry and that its surface is sturdy and spotless.

Tools needed:

  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Drill with screwdriver and wood bit
  • Hammer
  • Post hole digger or shovel (optional)
  • Ladder or step stool


Plan the location

Choose the location for your garden arbor with bench, keeping in mind that the ground should be on a flat surface.

Measure and cut the pieces

Using the saw, cut the lumber pieces to the required dimensions for your arbor. You may need to adjust based on the specific size you want for your arbor.

Build the arbor frame

Start by attaching two of the 4×4 posts together with two of the 2×4 lumber pieces, creating a rectangular frame. Use one 2×4 piece on the top and another on the bottom, ensuring they are level and square. Attach using wood screws. Repeat this process to create the other side of the arbor frame.

Install the arbor frames

Dig four holes, each about 24 inches deep, for the 4×4 posts using a post hole digger or shovel. Place each arbor frame into the corresponding holes. Check that the frames are level and plumb, then secure them in place using concrete mix (if desired). Allow the concrete to cure for at least 24 hours.

Connect the frames

Attach the remaining 2×4 lumber pieces between the top of the two arbor frames. This will provide additional support and create the top of the arbor. Use a level to ensure everything is aligned correctly and attach using wood screws.

Add the lattice

Cut the 2×2 lumber pieces into equal lengths, depending on your desired lattice size. Arrange them in a grid or diamond pattern across the top of the arbor, and secure them to the 2×4 beams using wood screws.

Build the bench

Using the 1×4 lumber, create a simple bench by attaching three equally-spaced pieces to two shorter crosspieces. Make sure the bench is level and fits securely between the 4×4 posts. Attach the bench at your desired height using wood screws that go through the 4×4 posts and into the crosspieces.

Sand and finish

Sand any rough edges or surfaces to prepare the wood for staining or painting. Apply the wood stain or paint to the entire arbor and bench (if desired) to protect it from the elements and give it a finished look.

  • Tip: Choosing a dark shade to paint your arbor can significantly accentuate it, whereas opting for a softer hue can help integrate it with the surrounding vegetation. Select a colour that brings you joy and complements the outer colours of your house and yard.

Add landscaping

Plant climbing plants, flowers, or vines around the base of the arbor to create a lush, inviting space. Train the plants to grow up and around the arbor’s lattice by gently tying them with garden twine or string.

Sit back and enjoy your new garden arbor with a bench. It will be a beautiful addition to your garden, providing shade, a place to rest, and a focal point for your landscape.

An arbor with a wooden bench.


Final Words

An arbor serves as a crucial component in a landscape, capable of offering numerous functionalities. These functionalities range from serving as an entry or passageway, providing an encouraging environment for climbing plants, staging a standout sight in a garden, and even offering a shady haven for relaxation. The ability of arbors to simultaneously handle multiple roles is what sets them apart.

Assembling an arbor is generally a relatively quick task, often only necessitating a few days for construction and installation. This estimation typically involves the duration needed to set any included concrete. Nevertheless, complex arbor designs may require extended periods for assembly. Similarly, installations that entail concrete or masonry posts may require additional time. Therefore, individuals considering elaborate arbor designs, or planning to include an arbor in a vast campaign, should consider consulting with a landscape designer or architect.

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