Innovative Gazebo TV Mount Ideas for Your Outdoor Entertainment

As the summer season approaches, Canadians are looking for ways to maximize their outdoor living spaces. One popular trend is the installation of a TV in a gazebo, creating an outdoor entertainment hub for family and friends. This article will explore some innovative gazebo TV mount ideas that can transform your backyard into a cozy outdoor living room.

Choosing the Right Mount

The first step in creating your gazebo TV setup is choosing the right mount. There are several types of TV mounts available, including fixed, tilting, and full-motion mounts. A fixed mount is the most basic and cost-effective option, but it doesn’t allow for any adjustment once the TV is installed. A tilting mount allows you to adjust the vertical angle of the TV, which can be useful for reducing glare. A full-motion mount, on the other hand, offers the most flexibility, allowing you to adjust the TV’s position both vertically and horizontally.

Weatherproofing Your TV Mount

Given that your TV will be exposed to the elements, it’s crucial to choose a mount that is weatherproof. Look for a mount that is made from rust-resistant materials and has a powder-coated finish to protect against the elements. Some mounts also come with a weatherproof cover to protect your TV when it’s not in use.

In addition to these features, consider the following when selecting a weatherproof TV mount:

Material The mount should be made of high-gauge steel for maximum strength and durability. Some mounts, like the ones offered by CondoMounts and ZeboZap, are designed with a patented SlotGRIptech technology for maximum adhesion and are made using Japanese-made screw studs.

Straps Some mounts come with straps for easy installation. For instance, CondoMounts offers a mount with a 1500lbs Polymer Strap that is UV resistant, ensuring it can withstand the harsh Canadian weather. Similarly, ZeboZap’s mount comes with white straps that are weatherproof and require no drilling or tools for installation.

Rotation A mount that offers 360 degrees rotation around the pillar can be a great feature to have. This allows you to adjust the viewing angle as needed, depending on the sun’s position or your seating arrangement.

Compatibility Ensure the mount is compatible with the size and weight of your TV. Most mounts can support TVs ranging from 32″ to 70″ and can hold up to 80lbs.

Ease of Installation Look for mounts that require no drilling or tools for installation. This not only makes the installation process easier but also prevents any potential damage to your gazebo.

an outdoor living area with a fireplace and wicker furniture.

Creative Mounting Ideas

Once you’ve chosen the right mount, it’s time to get creative with your installation. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Ceiling Mount If your gazebo has a sturdy ceiling, consider mounting your TV there. This can provide an excellent viewing angle and free up wall space for other uses.

Corner Mount If your gazebo is on the smaller side, a corner mount can be a great space-saving solution. This allows you to take advantage of the corner space in your gazebo, providing a good viewing angle from multiple positions.

Articulating Arm Mount If you want the flexibility to watch TV from different areas of your backyard, consider an articulating arm mount. This type of mount allows you to swivel and tilt the TV to the perfect viewing angle, whether you’re lounging in your gazebo or sitting by the pool.

Integrating Your TV into Your Gazebo Design

To create a cohesive look, consider how your TV will integrate with the rest of your gazebo design. For example, if your gazebo has a rustic theme, you might choose a mount with a bronze or black finish to match. If your gazebo is more modern, a sleek silver or white mount might be a better fit.

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Safety Considerations

When installing a TV in your gazebo, safety should be your top priority. Ensure the mount is securely attached to a solid structure and that all cables are safely routed to prevent tripping hazards. It’s also a good idea to have a professional electrician install any necessary outlets to ensure they are safe and weatherproof.


Installing a TV in your gazebo can provide hours of outdoor entertainment for you and your guests. By choosing the right mount, weatherproofing your setup, and integrating the TV into your gazebo design, you can create a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space. So why wait? Start planning your gazebo TV mount project today and get ready to take your summer entertaining to the next level.

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