The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorations: Uncovering the Best Picks and Tips!

As the festive season quickly approaches, you might be thinking about how to transform your home into a wintry wonderland. Outdoor Christmas decorations are a fantastic way to spread holiday cheer and add a festive touch to your home. Whether you’re after a snowy spectacle or a second Santa’s Workshop, you’ll find an array of options available from popular retailers, all without breaking the bank.

Outdoor decorations often get overlooked in the festive flurry, but they’re a crucial part of your home’s holiday aesthetic. From twinkling lights and flocked foliage to darling deer and tartan textiles, there are plenty of ways to add some Christmas curb appeal to your home. Don’t forget about your porch, either – a little love here can go a long way.

To help you navigate the sea of options, we’ve compiled a list of 53 easy DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and ideas for your yard, lawn, porch, and front door. From hanging Christmas lights and wreaths to creating your own wood signs and ornaments, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to make your home the talk of the town this holiday season.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Before you go ahead and start buying the first twinkly lights you see, you’ve got to consider some key factors in order to choose the right outdoor Christmas decorations.


When you’re hunting for that perfect outdoor Christmas decoration, durability should be a priority. You’ve got to ask yourself, will this stand the test of time? Your chosen decorations need to withstand the winter weather and remain vibrant and beautiful throughout the season.

Thankfully, many modern decorations are designed with durability in mind, often encompassing features such as UV-resistant coating and sturdy construction materials. For example, high-quality artificial wreaths and garlands can last 7 to 10 years if maintained properly. Additionally, premium products often come with a lengthy warranty, ensuring that you can relish their beauty season after season.

Consider decorations that don’t require too many extra equipment or power sources as they often last longer. Many decorations utilise easier power sources like batteries or solar power. So choose wisely and pick decorations that tick all the right boxes, like the durability box.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is another vital factor to consider, as your decorations will be exposed to outdoor elements. The goal is to find materials that can withstand weather fluctuations without obstructing the beauty of your festive items.

For example, UV-treated decorations tend to maintain their vibrant colours even amid sun exposure. It’s good to note that outdoor décor can endure harsh conditions to a certain extent. Therefore, check the recommended display time in the product manual.

When selecting Christmas lights, consider smaller staples. This method provides security without causing cosmetic damage to your home. Better yet, go for Christmas lights that are designed to be weather resistant; the SANJICHA LED Lights for instance.

Size and Scale

Lastly, considering the size and scale of your decorations within your outdoor space is key. The sizing of your decorations should be proportionate to the available space.

Maximise your space by installing Christmas decorations in the right spots. Structure-wise, you could hang a Christmas wreath and garland on your front door, arrange lanterns and potted foliage on the porch steps, or illuminate the walkway with festive lanterns.

If you’ve got a spacious yard, larger decorations like a blow-up snowman or giant, shatter-proof ornaments could prove to be a festive focal point. However, if you’re short on space, smaller decorations, such as Birch Lane’s Wooden Christmas Lawn Art or a set of metal gift boxes wrapped in red bows, still can make a beautiful outdoor display.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Types of Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The diverse world of outdoor Christmas decorations presents so many fantastic ways to add a touch of magic to your home during the festive season. Among the favourites are sparkling string lights, striking inflatable decorations, and adorable yard art and figurines.

String Lights

Transform your home into a magical winter fantasy with String lights. While twinkling clear lights remain a traditional favourite, feel free to experiment with colourful alternatives to liven up your outdoor display.

Some of the best in the market, like the Twinkly range, offer a variety of styles and settings to suit your personal taste. For instance, a simple yet stunning star can make a beautiful impact or delicate string lights designed to resemble natural twigs add a lovely golden glow to your setting.

Innovative arrangement of string lights can create great visual impact. They can be hung in the shape of a Christmas tree or used to give your outdoor planters a holiday makeover. If it’s unusual you’re after, consider SANJICHA LED Lights, which bring a new level of versatility with eight different lighting modes, a memory function timer, and weather-resistant construction.

Inflatable Decorations

Spice up your outdoor Christmas decor with Inflatable decorations. These bring that extra wow factor into your holiday theme and are perfect to keep up until the New Year. Inflatable snowmen, polar bears and penguins contribute to a festive feeling. Colossal Christmas inflatables, like a 10-foot tree made from lights can be a show-stopper in your neighbourhood.

Added benefits of these inflatables include an easy installation process along with built-in blowers ensuring swift inflation. The timers ensure they light up exactly when you want them to. Of course, remember such grandeur could also lead to increased upfront costs and potential additional running costs.

Yard Art and Figurines

Level up your festive display game with charming Yard art and figurines. From darling deer, tartan textiles, flocked foliage to lovely round ornaments to hang from trees or stake into the ground. All these create strong visual interest and infuse a joyful holiday theme into your home’s exterior.

Whether it’s a reimagined burlap wreath echoing Santa Claus’ red suit to a rather grand 8-foot inflatable cookie, these figurines and art pieces transform your outdoor space into a delightful holiday delight for everyone to enjoy.

Choosing to decorate with various shapes, sizes and intensities of festive decorations can make the process a fun creative endeavour for the whole family. It turns your home into a memorable wonderland, savoured and loved by neighbours and passers-by alike.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Bring a touch of festive spirit to your outdoors with DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. Reenergise the exterior of your property, enhancing the welcoming aura of your house this Christmas. Liven up your porch, lawn or front door with these simple, yet creative additions. Let’s jump right into the mesmerising world of holiday decor.

Wreaths and Garlands

Classic wreaths and garlands are an all-time favourite for outdoor Christmas decorations. It’s easy to create a majestic look with minimal effort.

Consider choosing high-quality artificial wreaths and garlands for their longevity. A quality artificial wreath can last 7 to 10 years if maintained properly. Perhaps you’ve noticed the elaborate wreath in a Pottery Barn catalogue, brilliantly adorned with bulbs, lights and holly. Velvety red berries, twinkling bells, or a simple spray of wheat stalks can enhance the wreath’s appeal. A pop of ribbon can add an extra dose of colour and class to your decor.

For garlands, it’s all about symmetry. Make sure to wrap them around porch columns, entryways, or doors. For a striking homemade garland, mix fresh evergreens, Christmas bulbs, and sparkly ornaments.

Outdoor Light Displays

Lights play a central role in your Christmas decor, creating a warm, inviting glow that speaks volumes of holiday charm. They are quite possibly the most impactful component of your exterior decoration.

Remember the simple yet effective DIY outdoor Christmas lighting idea of hanging string light strands in the shape of a Christmas tree? Well, it remains a practical and affordable choice for your porch roof, garden, or even hanging from an outdoor tree.

Step up the game with SANJICHA LED Lights, perfect for classic string light displays. These lights are not only durable and easy to operate but also versatile. With eight different lighting modes to choose from, every night could represent a different ambiance.

Inflatable balls, resembling big, delightful ornaments, can also augment your lighting decor. Hang them from trees, stake them into the ground, or even float them in a pool.

While selecting outdoor Christmas decorations, remember to check the product details. Lights intended for outdoor use often carry a green holographic UL sticker.

Popular Outdoor Christmas Decoration Themes

Christmas decorations not only add a festive touch to your outdoor space but also bring a sense of joy and will help create a memorable holiday season. Every outdoor Christmas decoration theme carries its own type of holiday cheer! So, we’ve rounded up some popular themes to give your outdoor space a magical touch.


The traditional Christmas theme never goes out of style. It’s all about embracing the spirit of the season with classically festive colours and motifs. Nothing beats the likes of red and green hues, plaid patterns, twinkling lights, and ornaments that bring back sweet Christmas memories. An antique home could be the perfect backdrop for these classic decorations. Nothing says welcome more than a Christmas wreath hanging on your front door. This traditional accessory can set the tone for the rest of your Christmas decorating ideas. You could even go rustic with a grapevine wreath. The goal is to create an endearing, warm atmosphere that’s inviting to your holiday guests and neighbours.

Winter Wonderland

Whether there’s snow in your forecast or not, you can still create your very own winter wonderland for the holidays. The goal is to make your outdoor space as idyllic and serene as a peaceful winter’s night. Good Housekeeping recommends snowflake projections, which are rated as one of their Best Outdoor Christmas Lights, as these can make you feel like you’re surrounded by fluffy flakes. Consider an elegant woodland-inspired look with frosted faux foliage and twig trees. Alternatively, life-sized Christmas figures add cheer to your winter wonderland display, like the Pick of Balsam Hill – the Outdoor Lit Wintry Wonder Friends. It’s a family of lit deer that’ll make your outdoor Christmas display sparkle and shine.

Santa’s Workshop

Might you be thinking of going all out this Christmas? Then Santa’s workshop could be the theme for you. Make the children, and the inner kid in your guests, jump with joy as you transform your yard into a second Santa’s Workshop. A signpost indicating the directions to Santa’s Workshop, Gingerbread Lane, and Reindeer Barn could make for a quirky and eccentric touch. Larger-than-life decorations, such as the eight-foot Santa Claus or the stack of presents from The Holiday Aisle, are a fun way to really let this theme shine. If you’re into DIY, you could paint a classic “JOY” wood sign for Christmas decor, giving it your own personal touch – a tip hailed from DIYnetwork.


As you prepare for the festive season, remember that outdoor Christmas decorations are a fantastic way to infuse your home with a festive spirit. Whether you opt for DIY projects or buy from online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart, the key is to choose decorations that are durable, weather-resistant, and in scale with your outdoor space. Don’t shy away from classic wreaths and garlands or light displays that add a warm glow to your home. And, if you’re in need of inspiration, themes like Traditional, Winter Wonderland, and Santa’s Workshop are always a hit. Local stores and garden centres are also worth a visit for unique finds like frosted globes and burlap wreaths. So go ahead, have fun picking out the perfect decorations to make your home sparkle this Christmas.

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