Top Picks: Best Backpack Snow Blowers of 2023 Reviewed

When the winter wonderland starts turning your driveway into a mini Arctic expedition, it’s time to talk about clearing that snow efficiently. You’ve likely heard of backpack snow blowers, a game-changer for tackling the white stuff without breaking your back. In this article, we’ll explore the best backpack snow blowers on the market, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your snowy needs.

Imagine strapping on a unit that turns you into a snow-banishing superhero. We’re here to guide you through the top picks, their features, and what makes them stand out in a flurry of options. Whether you’re looking for power, convenience, or just a simple solution to avoid the shovel, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to make your snow clearing sessions a breeze this winter.

Our Top 3 Snow Blower Picks

Photo Title Buy
Schröder Industrial Backpack...image Schröder Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower Schröder Backpack Blower - Gas Leaf Blower - Model: SR-6400L - 3.7 HP Engine - 5 Year Warranty custom 1
GreenWorks BPB80L00 80V...image GreenWorks BPB80L00 80V 145MPH - 580CFM Cordless Backpack Blower, Battery and Charger Not Included custom 1
EGO POWER+ 56V...image EGO POWER+ 56V LB6000 600 CFM Backpack Blower Battery & Charger Not Included custom 1

Why Choose a Backpack Snow Blower?

Convenience and Portability

When the winter chill descends and snow blankets your surroundings, clearing it efficiently often becomes your priority. Backpack snow blowers offer a compelling solution with their unrivalled convenience and portability. Unlike bulky, wheeled snow blowers that take up space and effort to maneuver, these lightweight champions fit comfortably on your back. Comfortability is key, and the best backpack blowers come designed with adjustable harnesses to distribute weight evenly, reduce the strain on your body, and make the task of snow clearance as comfortable as walking in the park.

Imagine you’re gearing up for an all-day clean-up; a generous fuel tank on a model like the PROYAMA 54CC means you can tackle the task without pausing to refuel. This ease of use is heightened by accessible handle and grip options that match a wide range of user abilities, ensuring control without struggle. Backpack snow blowers are tailored for those who value their time and energy, allowing you to clear snow with a freedom of movement and without the interruption of constant trips to the fuel station.

Enhanced Maneuverability

The agility of a backpack snow blower in comparison to its handheld or wheeled counterparts is stark. With greater airflow and dexterity, they empower you to clean up expansive areas rapidly, with minimal fatigue. The harness system, complete with shoulder and waist straps on models like the Husqvarna, bolsters your comfort, allowing you to navigate snowbound landscapes with ease. Coupled with engines significantly more powerful than handheld blowers, these devices enable higher performance.

Enhanced maneuverability extends to how these blowers deal with fuel. They exhibit longer runtime per tank, letting you focus on the job at hand rather than on maintenance. Gas models in particular, equipped with engines like Husqvarna’s X-Torq, push efficiency further by reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The physical strain on you is minimal, thanks to features like dampeners that curb vibrations, and offset handles that precisely direct blow force, mitigating arm strain and fatigue.

Leveraging these technologies, your snow clearing sessions transform into a smooth, controlled, and less exhausting experience. The designs, although sometimes more significant in size, are concocted with ease of storage in mind, evident in features that improve balance and reduce storage space when the blower is not in action. Flexible tubes and sensitive hand controls fine-tune the interaction between you and the machine, making snow blowing near-effortless, irrespective of the landscape’s challenges.

By harnessing a fusion of advanced ergonomics and engineering, backpack blowers stand out as a practical choice for maintaining snow-free pathways and landscapes, providing you with equipment that’s not only effective but also aligns with the need for comfort and ease during the intense winter season.

How We Tested

To provide you with the most accurate information on the best backpack snow blowers, we’ve conducted extensive tests on a variety of models available on the market. Our testing methodology is thorough and designed to simulate real-life usage as closely as possible, ensuring that you get insights that reflect actual performance.

Power and Efficiency

Our tests kicked off by evaluating the power and efficiency of each model. We measured air output in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and airspeed in miles per hour (MPH), providing you with a clear understanding of each unit’s capabilities. We focused on how effectively each machine moved wet, heavy snow, as well as its performance in dispersing light, powdery snow.

  • Schröder Industrial SR-6400L: Delivered an impressive balance of muscle and agility.
  • RUN.SE 3.6HP: Stood out with its robust engine, making short work of dense snow layers.
  • GreenWorks BPB80L00: Showed remarkable consistency in airflow, excelling in duration tests.
  • EGO POWER+ 56V LB6000: Its power adjustment feature demonstrated adaptability across different snow conditions.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomics play a critical role in the usability of backpack blowers. We strapped on each model to assess the comfort of the harness and weight distribution. We wanted to ensure that you’ll be comfortable even during extended use.

  • The Schröder Industrial SR-6400L comes with an adjustable harness that we found to reduce fatigue during prolonged sessions of snow blowing.
  • The RUN.SE 3.6HP features easily accessible handles which aided in maneuverability, especially around tight corners.
  • Despite not including a battery and charger, the form factor of both the GreenWorks BPB80L00 and the EGO POWER+ LB6000 impressed with their cushioning and back support.

Runtime and Operation

Runtime per tank or charge is essential for uninterrupted work. We tested how long each blower could operate on a full tank or charged battery without a loss in performance.

  • The Schröder Industrial and RUN.SE 3.6HP models both showed excellent fuel capacities, translating to longer runtimes.

Top 5 Backpack Snow Blowers on the Market

Schröder Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower 5-Year Warranty Model: SR-6400L

Boasting an impressive 63.3 cc 2-stroke 3.7 HP engine, the Schröder Industrial SR-6400L offers top-notch performance with an airspeed of 230 MPH and an air volume output of 920 CFM. It’s designed to tackle both wet and dry debris quickly and efficiently. Here’s why it’s a solid investment:

  • High Output: Delivers substantial power for the most challenging tasks.
  • Lightweight Construction: At just 19.5 pounds, fatigue is significantly minimized.
  • Comfort Focused: Ergonomically designed with padded shoulder straps and back support.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Large 65 oz tank reduces the need for frequent refueling.

This industrial-grade backpack blower offers reliable and comfortable operation for extensive use.

Industrial Backpack Leaf Blower – RUN.SE 3.6HP 2-Stroke Gas Commercial Leaf Backpack Blower with Harness 210 Mph

  • 🍃【Thoughtful Design】We have adopted thickened and widened soft shoulder straps, and the ergonomic straps can disperse the weight and reduce the fatigue and stress on the back, arms and hands.
  • 🍃【Easy operation】This product can be operated in just two steps, and the operation is simple. Just press and hold the safety switch before use, and then press the power switch, the machine can be started. The cruise control handle is very suitable for long-term work.
  • 🍃【Use in multiple scenarios】Our blowers are not only for industrial use, but also for home use. High air velocity and powerful airflow created by uniquely desgined fans enable you to accomplish your clean-up with ease. It can sweep leaves, clear snow, forest fires, and road dust removal.
  • 🍃【Dependable Performance 】: This product uses a large-size blower, which has the characteristics of high wind speed and large air volume. It has stable performance in the process of your use and continuous air supply to meet the needs of work.
  • 🍃【Diverse Use】This product has powerful functions and can meet different work scenarios. When sweeping fallen leaves, blowing snow on the road, dusting during construction, blowing snow in the greenhouse, slag on the construction site, and when the forest catches fire, the small and medium flames are also easy to extinguish, saving time and effort.

If you’re searching for a machine that pairs ease of use with powerful performance, the RUN.SE 3.6HP 2-Stroke blower should be on your radar. It not only clears away leaves but efficiently manages snow, construction dust, and even assists in extinguishing small fires. Check out its perks:

  • Thoughtful Ergonomic Design: The enhanced harness system ensures weight is evenly distributed.
  • Simplicity in Operation: A two-step start-up system offers hassle-free activation.
  • Versatility: High velocity and formidable airflow adapt to a variety of cleaning tasks.
  • Continuous Performance: The design guarantees a consistent air supply for uninterrupted work.

This versatile tool is robust enough to handle diverse industrial and domestic scenarios.

GreenWorks BPB80L00 80V 145MPH – 580CFM Cordless Backpack Blower, Battery and Charger Not Included

  • Up to 580 CFM / 145 MPH makes blowing through dry/wet leaves and debris a breeze
  • Brushless motor delievers gas equivalent performance
  • Variable speed trigger and turbo button delivers on-demand power
  • Cruise control for ultimate control
  • Battery and charger not included, 4 Year Tool Warranty. Push Button Start - For easier start up.

The GreenWorks BPB80L00 stands out for its cordless convenience and power that rivals gas blowers. With a maximum airflow of 580 CFM and speeds up to 145 MPH, it makes fast work of any clearing duties. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Brushless Motor: Offers gas-like power without the maintenance.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: Variable speed trigger and turbo for tailored use.
  • Cruise Control: Maintain consistent blowing power effortlessly.

Opt for this blower if you prioritize power without the hassle of gas or cords, promising a liberating yard maintenance experience.

EGO POWER+ 56V LB6000 600 CFM Backpack Blower Battery & Charger Not Included

  • Variable speed up to 600 CFM outperforms most gas blowers
  • 8 times quieter than popular gas blowers
  • 5.0 Ah battery is compatible with all EGO POWER+ products
  • ( battery and charger NOT included)

The EGO POWER+ LB6000 is an eco-friendly powerhouse, sending out a variable speed of up to 600 CFM—surpassing many gas blowers in efficiency. Here’s why this tool is a wise choice:

  • Quiet Operation: You’ll appreciate the lower noise level—one of the quietest in its class.
  • Battery Compatibility: Seamless use with other EGO POWER+ products.
  • Convenience: Ditch the pull-cord for a simple push-button start.

When a mixture of silence, power, and versatility is key, the EGO POWER+ backpack blower meets the mark with its innovative design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Backpack Snow Blower

When you’re in the market for a backpack snow blower, knowing what features to look for can help you select the best model for your needs. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Power Source

Your choice of power source impacts not just the snow blower’s performance but also its environmental footprint and maintenance requirements. Gasoline-powered models are known for their high power and ability to handle deeper snow without the constraint of a battery’s life. On the other hand, electric and battery-powered blowers are lighter and produce less noise – a significant consideration if you live in a residential area.

Engine Power and Clearing Capacity

Engine power is measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and directly relates to the blower’s ability to move snow efficiently. A higher cc signifies more power, enabling you to handle heavier snowfall and larger areas. For example, a 54cc engine can generate an impressive 7000rpm, making quick work of stubborn snowdrifts. Remember, the right balance between engine power and snow clearing needs is crucial.

Fuel Capacity and Runtime

A more extensive fuel capacity means longer runtime, reducing the frequency of refuelling stops and keeping you more productive. Typical gas blowers offer 1.5 to 3 hours of high-powered operation. However, the added fuel weight might be a downside for some users. Consider models that strike an optimal balance between fuel capacity and overall efficiency to ensure smooth operation without unnecessary delays.

Weight and Comfort Features

You’ll be wearing this blower on your back, so comfort is key. Look for features like:

  • Padded straps
  • Vibration reduction handles
  • Harness hip belts

These elements can significantly reduce fatigue during extended use. A heavier unit with a large fuel tank may offer extended use but can also increase strain on your body over time.

Noise Level

Noise levels can be a nuisance and a health hazard. Most gas blowers are quite loud, demanding the use of hearing protection. Conversely, battery-powered blowers may operate below the established OSHA thresholds, offering a quieter working environment. This can be particularly appealing if you are clearing snow in the early morning or in noise-sensitive areas.

Price and Warranty

Your budget will guide your purchase, but be wary of opting for the cheapest option. Instead, weigh the cost against the features and warranty offered. A more expensive blower with a comprehensive warranty and robust build could save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs or replacement parts.

As you navigate your options, keep in mind that the right backpack snow blower will balance power requirements with usability and personal comfort. Your choice will come down to prioritising the features that are most valuable for your specific snow-clearing tasks.

Top Features to Look for in a Backpack Snow Blower

When you’re on the hunt for a backpack snow blower, it’s essential to focus on features that will ensure efficiency, comfort, and durability. Let’s delve into the top characteristics that make for a superior snow-clearing companion.

Powerful Engine for Heavy Snow

The engine is the heart of any snow blower. A powerful engine can transform a strenuous task into a walk in the park. You’ll want an engine that can effortlessly chew through heavy, wet snow and clear large areas quickly. Consider a model like the PROYAMA 54CC which boasts a 2-cycle 54cc engine. Its robust power ensures you can tackle substantial snowfall without breaking your stride. High RPMs, typically around 7000rpm, paired with horsepower upwards of 2.1hp, indicate a machine that won’t bog down under pressure.

Efficient Clearing Width and Depth

Opt for a blower with an efficient clearing width and depth to minimise the number of passes you need to make. Models with wider clearing capabilities, some up to 24 inches wide and able to handle snow depths of 20 inches, will help you clear driveways and paths in fewer sweeps. Time is of the essence during snow removal, and efficiency directly impacts how quickly you can get back to the warmth indoors.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Accessible and intuitive controls can make all the difference in your snow clearing routine. Look for models that provide a no-pull electric start or those with ergonomic designs that allow you to make adjustments on the fly. The EGO Power+ model demonstrates efficiency with turbo buttons and variable speed dials—enabling you to switch power levels easily. This kind of user-friendly interface ensures you’re not fumbling with controls in the cold.

Adjustable Chute and Throwing Distance

Your blower’s chute controls where the snow goes and how far it’s thrown. Being able to adjust the chute direction and the throwing distance without stopping can save time and effort. Features like a 180-degree rotating chute or mechanisms that let you launch snow up to 35 feet away mean you can keep moving without pausing to redirect piles of snow.

Durable Construction and Materials

Snow blowing is tough work, and your equipment should be up to the challenge. Durability is non-negotiable, especially when you’re dealing with freezing temperatures and icy conditions. Look for sturdy construction with high-grade materials like reinforced steel or heavy-duty plastics. The durability will be evident in features like rust-resistant coatings and robust auger designs capable of chewing through ice and snow without wear.

Comfortable and Adjustable Straps

Lastly, your comfort is paramount when tackling the elements. Look for models with padded and adjustable straps; they will distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your back and shoulders. Features like the PROYAMA’s harness hip belt and wide shoulder straps are signs of a design that prioritises your well-being. A comfortable fit means you can work longer without fatigue setting in, ensuring you can clear snow as efficiently as possible without the need for frequent breaks.

By focusing on these key features, you’ll find a backpack snow blower that’s powerful, user-friendly, and built to last. Remember, investing in the right machine will pay dividends in saved time and reduced effort when winter hits its peak.


Armed with the knowledge of what makes a backpack snow blower stand out, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision that’ll see you through the toughest winter conditions. Remember, it’s not just about the power but also the practicality and durability of your chosen model. With the right machine, you’ll tackle snow clearing tasks with ease and efficiency. So, don’t let the winter blues get you down—choose a backpack snow blower that ensures you’re prepared for anything the season throws your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are important in a backpack snow blower?

A powerful engine, efficient clearing width and depth, user-friendly controls, adjustable chute, throwing distance, durable construction, and comfortable, adjustable straps are key features to look for in a backpack snow blower.

How does the engine power affect a backpack snow blower’s performance?

The engine power determines the snow blower’s capability to handle heavy snowfalls. A more powerful engine allows for quicker and more efficient snow clearing.

Why is adjustable chute and throwing distance important for a snow blower?

An adjustable chute and throwing distance allow you to control the direction and distance of the expelled snow, providing greater flexibility and precision when clearing different areas.

What makes for a comfortable backpack snow blower?

Comfort in a backpack snow blower comes from adjustable straps and padding that fit well, reduce operator fatigue, and make the machine easier to use over extended periods.

How does clearing width and depth impact a snow blower’s efficiency?

The clearing width and depth of a snow blower affect the number of passes needed to clear an area. Larger widths and depths will clear more snow per pass, increasing overall efficiency.

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