Budget-friendly ideas for small backyard pools: make a splash without breaking the bank!

Ever dreamt of having your own pool but been put off by the size of your backyard or the size of your budget? Don’t despair! It’s entirely possible to create your own little oasis with a selection of small backyard pool ideas on a budget. Whether your backyard is compact or you’re simply looking to save some pennies, there are plenty of options that can help transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise.

Have you considered a wall mount pool? This innovative idea is perfect for smaller backyards, taking up minimal space while still providing a refreshing retreat. Despite only being accessible from three sides, it leaves plenty of room for additional backyard features, ensuring you get the most out of your outdoor area.

Or perhaps a circle pool is more your style? These are not only affordable but also incredibly adaptable, fitting into even the smallest of spaces. Whether you opt for a permanent or temporary option, these pools offer a cost-effective solution to your backyard pool dreams.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Small Backyard Pool

The allure of a backyard pool can be irresistible, but there are important factors to consider before you dive into the installation process.

Available Space

First things first, you’ve got to determine how much space you’ve got. Even the smallest of pools, from plunge pools to budget-friendly stock tank pools, require sufficient space. Not only for the pool itself, but also for any required safety fencing and landscaping. You’ll also want to ensure that you’re preserving lawn space for other activities. A well-placed, well-sized pool can enhance your backyard rather than dominate it.


Though small pools are generally less expensive than their larger counterparts, they’re still a significant investment. So, you’ve got to consider the costs. Not just of the pool itself, but also the installation. You might opt for a small plunge pool or an endless pool. The latter, particularly good for avid swimmers, uses a counter current for swimming against, thus requiring less space. Both options can help you create a pool oasis without breaking the bank.

Maintenance Requirements

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the ongoing costs of pool maintenance. Even small pools need regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and possibly heating. These are all factors which can add up over time. The good news is that smaller pools usually mean less maintenance. However, they are still a commitment. So, make sure you’re ready for the responsibility.

Remember, a pool can be an excellent addition to your backyard. Just make sure that you’ve considered all these factors before you make the splash. You’ll be enjoying that glimmering blue water in no time.

Creative Design Ideas for Small Backyard Pools

Creative Design Ideas for Small Backyard Pools

When it comes to creating your own pool oasis, size doesn’t have to limit your imagination. The smaller the space, the more innovative you’ve got to be. Here are some creative design ideas to turn your small backyard into an enchanting retreat.

Incorporating Water Features

Think about adding water features. They can take your pool from basic to extraordinary with minimal effort. A small waterfall or a sleek fountain not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds a tranquil sound to your backyard. Remember, your pool doesn’t have to be big for a water feature- even small, simple designs can have a powerful impact.

Maximising Seating and Lounging Areas

Don’t underestimate the importance of seating and lounging areas. When space is at a premium, multi-functional furniture is a must. Consider built-in benches that double as storage, or invest in stackable chairs that can be easily moved and stored. For a touch of luxury, a hammock or a daybed would be perfect for lounging on lazy summer days.

Creating a Tropical Oasis

With a bit of creativity, it’s entirely possible to transform your small backyard into a tropical paradise. Think lush, exotic plants, colourful cushions and a poolside bar. To make the most of your space, consider vertical gardening. It’s a great way to introduce greenery without taking up much-needed ground space. And don’t forget about lighting – fairy lights or lanterns can add a magical touch to your backyard pool area.

You see, it’s not about how much space you have, it’s about making the most of what you’ve got. Your backyard pool can be more than just a place to cool off – it can be a retreat, a sanctuary, your very own tropical oasis. So, let your creativity flow and start planning your backyard pool design today.

Budget-friendly Pool Materials and Landscaping Options

When it comes to fulfilling your backyard pool dreams on a budget, it’s crucial to take into account the materials you’ll be using. From the pool type to your landscaping options, these play a significant part in your budget. Let’s dive deeper into some affordable choices you can consider.

Above-ground Pools

Don’t underestimate the potential of above-ground pools. They’re not only cost-effective but also quick to install and easy to maintain. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit perfectly into your backyard space. You won’t have to worry about extensive excavation or construction work. Plus, above-ground pools are portable, meaning you can take your pool with you if you decide to move.

Natural and Eco-friendly Materials

If sustainability is your thing, consider using natural and eco-friendly materials. For instance, opting for a wooden pool deck instead of concrete can significantly cut down on costs and give your backyard a rustic feel. Recycled plastic furniture is another budget-friendly and eco-conscious choice for your poolside lounging area.

Low-maintenance Landscaping

You don’t need a big budget to create an appealing landscape around your pool. Opting for low-maintenance landscaping is a smart move. Planting native species can save you plenty on water and maintenance costs, as they’re adapted to your local climate. You could also consider using gravel or pebbles instead of grass for areas around your pool – they’re relatively cheap, require little maintenance, and add a unique aesthetic to your backyard.

Remember, the key to a budget-friendly backyard pool is to be creative and resourceful. You don’t have to break the bank to create a stunning pool oasis. Rather, by making smart choices with your materials and landscaping, you can build a backyard pool that’s both budget-friendly and beautiful.

DIY vs Professional Installation

Once you’ve decided on the type of pool and its design, you’ll face another critical decision: DIY or professional installation? Both options have their upsides and downsides. The choice, however, depends on your budget, skills, and the amount of time you can invest in the project.

Pros and Cons of DIY Installation

Going the DIY route can be cost-effective if you’re handy and have the necessary skills. It’s also rewarding to see the results of your hard work. Plus, there’s a wealth of resources online – from video tutorials to step-by-step guides – that can help you through the process.

But, DIY isn’t for everyone. It requires a significant time commitment. Moreover, there’s always the risk of making mistakes that could end up costing more in the long run. Don’t forget about the technical aspects of pool installation, such as ensuring proper drainage, which if not done correctly, could lead to serious problems down the line.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

On the other hand, hiring a professional installer takes off the burden of construction from your shoulders. They have the skills, experience, and equipment to ensure a smooth installation process.

Professionals can also guide you in choosing the right materials and designs for your pool. They’ll handle the permits, adhere to local regulations, and make sure your pool is safely installed. Plus, professional installers often provide warranties that cover any issues that might arise after the installation.

However, keep in mind that professional installation comes with a cost. You’ll need to factor this into your budget to avoid any surprises.

When it comes to pool installation, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s about weighing your options and deciding what works best for you and your backyard. Whether you opt for DIY or professional installation, the end goal remains the same: creating a backyard oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

Pool Safety Measures for Small Backyard Pools

Pool Safety Measures for Small Backyard Pools

When creating your backyard oasis, it’s important not to neglect safety. Small backyard pools, while convenient and cost-effective, can pose certain hazards if not properly secured. Safety should always be your top priority, especially if you have young children or pets in your home. Here are a few essential safety measures to consider.

Fencing and Gating Options

It’s wise to install a fence around your pool to prevent unsupervised access. Fences should be at least 1.2 metres high to deter young children from climbing over. Self-closing and self-latching gates add an extra layer of protection.

  • Opt for a sturdy, durable material like aluminium or wrought iron for your fence
  • Ensure that there are no gaps wide enough for a child or pet to squeeze through
  • Regularly check the gate’s latch to ensure it’s working correctly

Pool Covers and Alarms

A pool cover is another significant safety feature. When properly used, it can prevent accidental falls into the pool. Automatic safety covers are especially effective as they can be quickly rolled out when the pool isn’t in use.

Pool alarms offer an additional safety net. They can detect disturbances in the water and sound an alarm to alert you of potential accidents. There are various types available, from floating alarms to infra-red systems.

  • Ensure your pool cover is robust and fits securely over your pool
  • Test your pool alarm regularly to make sure it’s functioning properly

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Keeping your pool well-maintained is a crucial part of pool safety. Regularly check your pool’s water quality, and ensure it’s free from harmful bacteria. Also, regular inspections for damage can prevent accidents caused by sharp edges or broken tiles.

Remember, while enjoying your backyard pool is important, ensuring it’s a safe environment for everyone should be your top concern. The right safety measures can provide peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your backyard oasis.


You’ve seen how your small backyard and budget aren’t barriers to owning a dreamy pool oasis. With options like wall mount and circle pools, you’re spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to spice things up with water features and maximise seating areas to get the most out of your space.

Remember, it’s not just about the pool type but also the materials you use. Opt for cost-effective, low-maintenance options like above-ground pools, wooden decks, and recycled plastic furniture. Native plants and gravel landscaping can also add a unique touch while saving you money.

Pool installation isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s about finding what works for you, whether that’s DIY or professional help. And don’t forget, safety is key. Make sure to take necessary precautions like installing fences, using pool covers, and regular maintenance to keep your oasis safe for everyone.

So, what’s stopping you? Start planning your backyard pool and enjoy your own slice of paradise right at home.

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