Garden Wood Projects For Beginners

Enjoying a job well done in the great outdoors is truly fulfilling. Whether your preference is a quick morning task or you yearn to install a feature that brings character to your yard, we’ve got what you need. Opting to hand-craft items for your garden not only saves you money but also embellishes your outdoor space with a hint of creativity.

Should you have the desire to cultivate some basic woodworking skills, there exists a plethora of diy outdoor wood projects that only require minimal tools and a little dedication. Through this article, we will delve into some simple projects that are absolutely suitable for novices wanting to refine their woodworking abilities.

Easiest DIY Outdoor Wood Projects For Beginners

Uncover a plethora of simple, economical, and quick DIY outdoor woodworking projects suitable for both kids and families. Additionally, find larger scale garden projects that will draw wildlife to your area.

Garden Benches

No matter the size of your lawn or patio, having an outdoor bench is an absolute necessity all year round, as it motivates you to go outside and appreciate your garden.

Potting Bench

Are you in need of a suitable location to prepare and pot your plants? This potting bench could be the ideal solution for you. It provides adequate storage space for various items like soil, pots, garden tools, fertilizer and gloves among others. The bench helps in ensuring your gardening materials are properly organized. With its two sizable platforms for housing different pots and a vertical board perfect for hanging garden tools, this bench boasts of simplistic elegance.

Deck Bench with Storage

The ideal bench is often one that’s integrated into your seating space. If you’re fortunate to have a beautiful decking area with a view of your property, this idea may appeal to you. In addition, the bench includes built-in storage, an excellent spot to keep your decorative cushions when not in use. With limited tools and some supplies from the DIY store, you can create this remarkable storage bench over a single weekend.

A wooden deck with a fire pit in the middle of the woods.

Fire Pit Bench

Are you seeking a budget-friendly solution for additional seating in your fire pit area? The DIY curved fire pit benches are an incredibly affordable and adaptable option for extra seating, ideal for enjoying those warm summer evenings by the fire.

Plus, you can customize the dimensions and form to suit your own backyard. This easy wood project only requires a circular saw, drill, and sander to accomplish.

Simple Wooden Bench

Are you keen on embarking on a new woodworking project to add some natural wooden seating to your backyard but are constrained by a tight budget? Don’t worry, you can still achieve your crafting goals by being economical. An excellent example is this tutorial provided by The Family Handyman. This step-by-step guide teaches you how to craft a simple wooden bench on a budget of just $25, making it a perfect woodworking project for those on a shoestring budget.

Outdoor Chair

Boost the appeal of your favorite space by incorporating these outdoor chairs in your deck, porch, or yard. Few chairs can effortlessly enhance the aesthetics while providing extra seating. Put in an extra chair or two and create ample space for entertaining the entire neighbourhood in your cherished outdoor setting!

Simple Folding Chair

This beginner-friendly folding wooden lawn chair project exhibits a sleek design, featuring a back cutout that serves as a convenient carrying handle and offers a unique interlocking appearance. You will largely need basic woodworking tools to construct this DIY wooden chair, but for superior results, a table saw and a belt sander comes in handy.

A set of modern outdoor furniture in a brick patio.

Modern Outdoor Chair

These contemporary outdoor chairs are constructed solely from 2x4s of stunning redwood, though other types of wood can be used. This complimentary blueprint includes textual construction instructions, printable compilations of tools, materials and parts required, and visual aids like diagrams and pictures for assistance.

To ensure a trouble-free construction process, prioritize making the arm before slicing and assembling the chair base. Sprucing these chairs up with varied paint col can add a stylish flair.

Sun Loungers

The compact design of this chaise lounge, with its small slats, ensures optimal comfort. It’s a simple project that can be completed in just an afternoon. While the instructions suggest certain types of wood that are ideal for lounge chairs, you can use any leftover slats you have from previous projects. This lounge chair is user-friendly and boasts of a reclining back and neck area – perfect for relaxation outdoors, whether you’re under the sun or in a shaded area.

Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is an iconic piece of outdoor furniture, effortlessly blending with any decor style and enhancing any type of open-air space. It’s no surprise that this comfortable chair is a top choice for outdoor sitting. Its design is perfect for leisurely activities like gazing out over the water or cozying up by a fire pit.

If you’ve dabbled in woodworking before, building an Adirondack chair can be a breeze with the correct tools and a handy plan to guide your work.

Three colorful kids chairs sitting next to each other.

Kids Patio Chairs

Children require seating solutions that are just the right size for them. These chairs, not only provide this, but also make them feel extraordinarily special with their very own stylish seating. These miniature yet modern Adirondack-styled chairs look fantastic on their own or when paired with other outdoor furniture pieces. They also make an adorable addition to a fire pit and can be matched with adult-sized lounge chairs of the same design.

The simple design of these chairs is also easy on your budget. You can build each one for around $15, offering a considerable saving.

Porch Trellis

A porch trellis is a great addition to any porch area, intended to support and display beautiful climbing plants and vines. Generally, its construction is pretty straightforward, with simple framing and grid designs that require only basic woodworking skills and tools.

Not only does adding a porch trellis elevate the look of your porch, but it also offers a natural shade to your outdoor space, augments privacy, and can even serve as a small ecosystem for various garden wildlife such as birds and butterflies. If you’re looking to introduce a vibrant touch of greenery to your porch round the year, building a porch trellis is a wonderful solution.

Porch Swing

Having a porch swing in your own residence, whether it be in your yard, garden or vacant porch, provides an incredibly tranquil and relaxing experience. This is a pleasure that is not exclusive to homes with large outdoor spaces. Children are certainly going to adore this porch swing, especially on a breezy day, while adults can also take a moment of tranquillity, whether it be to enjoy a quiet morning coffee or just soak up the sun.

Though this may sound like an extensive task, it is, in reality, a rather manageable DIY project. Even for those who are just beginning or at an intermediate level in woodworking, this DIY project is entirely achievable.

Wine Caddy

A wine caddy is a useful tool that can safely store wine bottles and glasses for easier transport. Usually crafted from wood, it is available in a variety of designs and may include extras such as a place for a corkscrew or a handle. Constructing a wine caddy typically involves using standard woodworking tools to cut and put together a few wooden pieces.

Because it’s not particularly intricate, it serves as an excellent introductory project for beginners developing their woodworking and DIY competencies.

A rack of wine bottles in a wooden cabinet.

Pallet Wine Rack

As soon as the warmer spring weather hits and continues throughout the summer and occasionally into autumn, we maximize our time outdoors. Consequently, much of our dinners are enjoyed on our back patio.

If you cherish a delightful glass of wine with your meal, then you’ll immediately comprehend why we considered building an upcycled pallet wine rack to be a tremendous idea. Virginia Sweet Pea guides you on how to construct a small shelf for convenient access on the fence of your patio that can hold both wine and glasses.

Side Table

Side tables can serve as a substantial addition to your open-air deck or patio recliner, providing a convenient spot to place your beverage or book as you enjoy a relaxing day outside. This Do-It-Yourself branch table is a simple and amusing project which only demands an old-fashioned table and a handful of fallen branches. This endeavour is ideal if you possess a small deteriorating table in need of revitalization. Alternatively, you could choose a secondhand piece if you don’t mind starting with something slightly marred, as you will be revamping it with your branches.

Next, stroll into your garden and procure some shed branches, and you’re poised to commence. The final outcome will be a charming, lodge-style auxiliary table that will aesthetically enhance your outdoor patio.

Pond & Planter

If you have not yet created a wildlife pond in your garden, it is an ideal time to begin designing and constructing your individual garden pond. This patio garden pond doubles up as a planter box that can accommodate regular plants as well as water plants. This small, versatile water feature is a fantastic addition to your space.

Furthermore, you will line it with rubber that will safeguard it, ensuring its durability for many years. This is an incredibly simple-to-construct water feature that practically anyone can build with fundamental tools, perfect for housing a variety of water plants.

A red and white garden shed.

Garden Storage

Don’t waste any more time or money constantly searching for misplaced gardening tools with this smart outdoor woodworking project. Essentials for gardening can be neatly organized and stored in a simple, easily constructed vertical tool holder. The project primarily involves wood reconditioning through the use of nails, nuts, bolts, and a hand drill, enabling you to create a practical and efficient garden tool rack.

This DIY pallet garden tool rack isn’t just functional, but it can also be designed to look appealing and trendy, boosting the aesthetics of your gardening space. Undertake this outdoor woodworking project today and enrich your gardening experience.

Garden Arbor

Create a welcoming open-air area with a DIY outdoor bench and arbour. This aesthetically pleasing yet practical furnishing is both utilitarian and attractive. It will enhance your garden by providing a comfortable lounging area.

Before diving in, you’ll require lumber, screws, pocket hole screws, wood filler, sandpaper, primer or wood conditioner for a superior outcome. Adhere to this straightforward tutorial for detailed steps on fabricating this transformative outdoor element. With some basic materials, you’ll soon create a comfy corner in your dream garden, emanating coziness and charisma.

Outdoor Lighting Elements

Regardless of whether you prefer large or small candles for outdoor illumination, they carry the same danger if handled irresponsibly. It’s recommended to space the candles a minimum of two inches apart. Also needed is a robust component to support the wax base. You can utilize these DIY for candle lighting.

The creators made three of these, but you can make as many as you deem necessary. These illumination fixtures can serve multiple purposes, and they can also be utilized for indoor decoration. They can even serve as display platforms for potted plants during the day or times when there’s no need for candle lighting.

A man is working on a wooden chair in a workshop.

What Is The Best Type Of Wood To Use When Making DIY Outdoor Woodworking Projects?


Teak is considered the best and perfect wood for constructing outdoor furniture due to its resilience against weather conditions and low-maintenance features. Other than an infrequent clean with soap and water, it does not require much attention. There’s no need for staining or sealing as its natural oil serves this purpose. Owing to its robustness and high demand, it is priced at the higher spectrum.


Oak is a valuable material for DIY outdoor furniture due to its strength, resilience, and robustness. Its timeless, medium brown hue remains forever fashionable and it is more cost-effective compared to other wood types used for exterior furniture construction. However, to arm it against the weather, it necessitates a protective layer of sorts, or ideally, it should be covered when not being utilized.


Cedar is an ideal wood choice for DIY outdoor furniture projects. Its natural weather resistance and intrinsic protective oils eliminate the need for a protective coating. While Cedar can be more costly, its low maintenance requirement makes it worth considering for your outdoor furniture creations.

Structural Grade Lumber

Structural lumber makes it onto this list due to its robustness and affordability. It’s a solid substitute for pricier options, and it can be painted or stained in any hue of your choice. However, it will require a protective layer to shield it from weather elements and regular maintenance to maintain its appearance. While its upkeep might be a bit more laborious, the savings from using this material makes it an option worth considering when building outdoor furniture.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space Now With These DIYs

Garden wood projects don’t have to break the bank or require expensive outdoor elements to enhance the attractiveness of your exterior living areas. You also don’t need to overspend to maintain a tidy and efficient garden. These do-it-yourself garden wood projects are not only easy to construct but also effectively utilize materials readily available to you.

Be inspired by these ideas and start creating your own DIY outdoor wood projects!

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