Garden Wood Projects For Your Outdoor Space

The often-ignored source of recyclable materials in the garden is the simple wood pallet. A multitude of such pallets are utilized in the retail sector to transport products and then discarded, commonly filling up the landfill sites. Using these readily available materials not only offers an opportunity to recycle in the garden but also allows you to create unique items for your landscape that no one else possesses.

These DIY projects can either enhance your existing outdoor space or let you embark on a new outdoor project that significantly uplifts the one presently in place. These tasks are ideal for outdoor woodworking projects, and some could dramatically boost your curb appeal if positioned at the front of your house.

DIY Outdoor Wood Projects You Should Try

Coffee Table

Are you interested in acquiring uniquely attractive coffee tables for your garden seating arrangements? If so, you’ll find an incredibly cost-effective solution in repurposing just 2 pallets! Take a look at this captivating square coffee table that offers a generous storage space inside, and is constructed from two stacked pallets that are conveniently grounded with rolling casters.

You can customize the coffee table by using different paint colours or altering the wood tone with a unique stain finish! For a comprehensive guide and visual tutorial, visit southernrevivals.

Potting Bench

Using leftover 2×4’s or 2×6’s wood pieces from other outdoor projects, an individual successfully constructed a versatile, small, potting table which can also serve as a barbecue table. A potting bench or garden table, typically used to carry out minor gardening tasks like transplanting seedlings, is a worktable. The fundamental design of a potting bench includes a bench-length working space suitable for someone standing and storing essentials like potting soil, pots, and garden tools. This furniture frequently doubles as a display for potted plants, even inside the house.

It is highly durable and resistant to outdoor elements. Its sturdy construction ensures it will last for many years. Notably, it’s slightly shorter than the usual potting benches, making it suitable for families with young children. You can explore it further through the provided link.

Porch Trellis

Create an elegant privacy division for your front porch with a porch trellis. These trellis structures are commonly used in yards or combined with arbours to nurture climbing plants. Apart from their widely known function, they can also be used to construct a secluded space or as a stylish embellishment to your home’s exterior.

Comparable to the delicacy of interior window lace curtains, this trellis design provides the perfect balance: It creates an apparent sense of privacy, while also allowing an interaction between interior and exterior living spaces. Its sophisticated pattern effortlessly fits into any setting.

Side Table

Are you constantly searching for the ideal side tables but continuously finding them too pricey? If this resonates with you and you have some spare time for a unique DIY woodworking project, you’ll absolutely adore this minimalist outdoor side table. Your main task involves assembling wooden braces, and cross supports to construct a cubic frame.

This can be easily topped off with a solid, flat wooden surface! This project serves as functional furniture and a decor piece that can pair wonderfully with almost any style of choice. You can even paint it in your preferred colour to match your decor better. For the comprehensive tutorial and instructional guidelines, head over to southernrevivals.

Wooden pergola in the garden


Constructing a wooden pergola may be a straightforward task for a skilled carpenter, but it can be more challenging for individuals without such experience. However, this should not deter you from attempting it.

Here’s an exceptionally detailed pergola plan that will guide you to construct a pergola from beginning to end in just a weekend. You will receive comprehensive step-by-step guidance, a list of necessary materials/tools, photographs, blueprints, and videos that will assist you to build this elegantly simple pergola.

Welcome Sign

If you love hand painting and vibrant colours, you might really enjoy this highly customizable idea from Daniz Designz. They guide you on how to construct a basic, diverse looking tower board, colour it with vivid hues, and add some creative letter stenciling with words of your preference until you have a set that you believe accurately portrays your family.

Outdoor Bench

We relish spending time with relatives and buddies on our back patio as the climate warms up. When it comes to simple projects for your backyard, particularly involving wood, it’s hard to beat pallet furniture ideas for their affordability.

This outdoor bench is constructed by merely piling up two pallets to form the foundation of the bench, with a third piece serving as the backrest. Want to make it even simpler? Just position the base against a garden wall, and there’s no need for the added backrest piece.

Applying a few layers of outdoor wood paint to match your garden’s color scheme, and adding a few cushions for extra coziness completes the simple project.

Statement Piece For Outdoor Plants

The scale of your shrubs can inspire your creative side to elevate your display. Some people have chosen to fashion a personalized display box. To accommodate the soil, this display needs to be constructed in a three-dimensional form. It’s recommended to incorporate a stainless steel mesh at the bottom of the box to promote efficient watering and aeration. You can maintain the natural wood colour or apply a different coating colour to suit your aesthetic tastes.

The most significant point is that you can customize the box and shape it into any letter that you prefer; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the letter M.

Raised Garden Pond

Utilizing a compact wooden box, it’s feasible to construct a contemporary pond water feature perfectly suited for a petite balcony, deck, or patio. The construction process is surprisingly simple: applying a liquid rubber waterproof sealant to the wood or using a slab of pond liner, as guided in the tutorial on BHG.

Opting for a raised pond offers the advantage of eliminating the need for extensive digging. Using wood, a raised pond that can be effortlessly placed on any surface, including a patio, is possible. This allows for the easy integration of water into your exterior decor. Now you can enjoy water plants and regular plants thriving together in your unique patio pond in a wooden container.

A wooden planter box with flowers in it.

Raised Planter

This robust, simple-to-assemble planter is ideal for a flower or vegetable garden. It can be placed anywhere around your house, be it the backyard, porch, patio or deck. These planters offer many benefits compared to traditional ground gardening.

They elevate your garden, reducing the need to bend down, they help the soil to warm up more quickly during spring allowing for an early start to gardening season and they also assist in keeping weeds and pests under control.

Tree Bench Using Wooden Chairs

You can construct impressive tree benches that encircle the tree trunk, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You can even repurpose kitchen chairs, making it a cost-effective option to create unique tree benches. For this, remove the seat planks from the kitchen chairs and arrange them around the tree. Transform this assembly into a charming tree bench by creating a unified hexagonal seat or berth. Use sturdy wooden pieces to create the chair. Comprehensive instructions for this project can be found at fabartdiy.

Compost Bin

Anyone that is considering nutrient-rich humus, often referred to as the garden’s black gold, would benefit from a compost bin in their garden. You have multiple options for building such a bin using a sturdy wood pallet. You can use the pallet as one of several sidewalls of the bin, securing it with brackets or wires. If the pallet is falling apart, you can take the boards apart and connect them to a frame you create using 2 x 4 lumber pieces.

Garden Chaise Lounge

You can build sturdy wooden chaise lounges at home that will ensure an exceptional sitting experience. You can easily move them to any patio, outdoors, garden, or poolside to soak up the weather and sunbathe in a half-lying position.

Constructing this chaise lounge is simplistic; initially cut the back and seat rails and assemble them to construct the basic skeleton. Then, just mount the cross braces and fill the entire frame! A step-by-step visual guide can be found at buildsomething.

Garden Tool Storage

When the temperature rises, engaging in some gardening activities might sound appealing. However, navigating through hazardous rakes, brooms, and patio furniture to locate a simple trowel could be dangerous. It’s undeniable that a neatly organized shed equipped with smart storage solutions for garden tools can save ample amounts of time, effort, and inconvenience.

This petite storage unit, conveniently placed next to your garden, can house your equipment and supplies. The best part is it can be constructed in just a few hours.

Hose Holder with Pallet Wood Planter

A smart solution for concealing your garden hose is the creation of a hose holder. With this straightforward construction project, you can produce your own holder using refurbished pallet wood for the frame. The top part can function as a shallow flower pot, while the interior can conveniently house the hose. It even features a drawer pull for easier access when storing or retrieving the hose.

A pair of wooden adirondack chairs

What Type Of Wood Should You Use On Outdoor Furniture?

Before we delve into the DIY wooden plans, I want to briefly discuss the best type of wood for outdoor furniture or any outdoor projects. Cedar, teak, and white oak are all stellar choices for such furnishings.

While treated pine is another alternative, it’s not highly suggested as it typically isn’t in the best shape, and extra safety measures need to be taken because of the chemicals it’s treated with.

Are Oil-based Stains Better For Woodworking?

Both oil and water-based stains exhibit good performance. Nonetheless, it is not entirely correct to assume that oil stains are always better than water stains. The choice largely depends on the project you are working on – whether it’s a high-end project or a relatively simple one.

Final Thoughts On Choosing Your DIY Outdoor Woodworking Projects

When you’re thinking about embarking on DIY outdoor wood projects, several factors influence the choice of the perfect ideas. For instance, if your available materials are limited, consider crafting smaller yet unique pieces. Otherwise, purchasing new materials will be the way to go if you’re enthusiastic about high-scale DIY outdoor woodworking projects.

You also need to take into account the potential users of the project. If you are in a larger family of around eight people, investing your time and resources in a rugged outdoor dining table made of wood with a steel frame would be a plausible idea.

Let the ideas mentioned above inspire your DIY outdoor wood projects as you prepare to re-imagine your outdoor space in 2023 and beyond.

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