Manitoba Snow Removal Costs 2023

Dealing with snow in Manitoba isn’t just about braving the cold—it’s about understanding the costs involved in keeping your driveways and walkways clear. The severity of Manitoba winters means you’re likely to face significant snow removal expenses. Whether you’re new to the province or have been navigating its snowy landscapes for years, it’s crucial to be prepared for the financial aspect of winter.

In this article, we’ll delve into what you can expect to pay for snow removal services in Manitoba. From the impact of heavy snowfalls to the unpredictability of storm severity, we’ll explore the factors that influence the cost and why it’s essential to budget for these winter necessities. Keep reading to ensure you’re not caught off guard when the snow starts piling up.

Factors Affecting Snow Removal Costs in Manitoba

When the snow hits in Manitoba, your wallet feels it, but a peek into factors affecting these costs can arm you with the info to budget wisely. Within the local context of Manitoba, a few pivotal factors alter the landscape of snow removal expenses.

Amount of Snowfall

Manitoba’s notorious for its fierce winter landscape, and the amount of snowfall directly impacts removal costs. Heavier snowfalls demand more resources, from manpower to machinery, hiking up prices for each clearing session. For instance, a storm dropping ten inches of white blanket across your property could double the removal effort compared to a lighter five-inch flurry.

Frequency of Snowfall

If you’re no stranger to Manitoba’s snow schedule, you’ll know it’s relentless. The Frequency of Snowfall plays into cost calculations significantly. Facing frequent blizzards means more frequent clearings; companies often operate on a contractual basis where the number of visits counts. For places hit regularly, like New Brunswick where constant snow blankets the region, removal services may be a near-daily necessity, attributing to a taller pile of bills.

Snowfall FrequencyLikely Impact on Costs
High FrequencyIncreased total costs
Medium FrequencyModerate total costs
Low FrequencyReduced total costs

Road Conditions

Next, consider Road Conditions. Slippery, ice-coated roads heighten the difficulty of snow removal tasks, potentially slowing down operations and thus causing prices to surge. Moreover, services may prioritize high-traffic or emergency routes, potentially affecting the allocation and costs of resources in residential areas.

Residential or Commercial Area

Lastly, whether you’re dusting off a Residential or Commercial Area dictates the cost structure. Commercial spaces usually span wider areas with higher footfall, necessitating a quick and more frequent response to snow build-up. This urgency, paired with the liability for public safety, inflates the cost compared to residential services where there’s a bit more flexibility in timing and frequency.

Understanding how these components shape snow removal expenses in Manitoba ensures you’re not caught off-guard when budgeting for winters’ icy embrace. Keep these factors in mind to accurately estimate your seasonal snow management expenses.

Average Cost of Snow Removal in Manitoba

When you’re budgeting for the winter months in Manitoba, understanding the average cost of snow removal is crucial. Historical data demonstrates that Winnipeg, the heart of Manitoba, allocates a substantial budget for this service. The average cost over the past decade stands at $54.2 million.

Considering the substantial impact snow has on daily life and the economy, it’s little wonder that local council members regard snow clearing as a high priority. Shifting towards an average cost model, Winnipeg aims to buffer against years with extraordinary expenses, like in 2022 when costs soared to over $87 million.

The frequency of snowfall and the total inches that blanket the grounds of Manitoba can dictate costs significantly. Your residential snow removal could set you back somewhere between $170 and $300+ monthly. Each fee is carefully calculated, taking into account the frequency and intensity of snowfall.

For a more tailored estimate, remember that professional services in Newfoundland and Labrador range from $52.78 to $143.78 per hour, reflecting the rigorous demands of winter there. Amidst unpredictable and often harsh Manitoba winters, these costs are not only about clearing snow but ensuring safety and uninterrupted access to services.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Snow Removal Service

When winter descends upon Manitoba, hiring a reliable snow removal service becomes a necessity. But before you make a selection, there are essential factors to consider ensuring your driveway is cleared without any hitches.

Reputation and Experience of the Company

Reputation is built over years of consistent service delivery. When you’re eyeing a potential company, check their history. A company like Andes Contracting, established in 2012 and BBB-accredited with an A+ rating, speaks to a solid track record. Your chosen company should have a reputation for being trustworthy, showing up on time, and delivering on promises. Such credibility is crucial for a service you might rely on frequently throughout the snowy season.

Services Offered

Each property has unique needs, and the Services Offered by a snow removal company will dictate whether those needs can be met effectively. For comprehensive care, the company should offer a suite of options like Viking Landscaping does—snow plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and snow relocation are all part of keeping your premises safe and accessible. Ensuring they provide the exact services you require before signing a contract will save headache down the road.

Equipment and Technology Used

Your snow removal service’s level of preparation is key. Not all companies have the same capacity for large jobs, but the use of robust equipment like truck plows and front-end loaders can be indicative of a company’s ability to handle sizeable commercial properties. Advanced equipment also implies fewer chances of breakdowns, ensuring timely and efficient snow removal every time.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

In a digital world, the voice of the customer is more powerful than ever. Take a few minutes to look up customer feedback for the company. High Google reviews scores reflect customer satisfaction and service quality. For example, scores nearing the likes of 4.9/5 demonstrate an exceptional level of service that’s met users’ expectations consistently.

Cost and Payment Options

Not every company offers the same cost structure. While some may provide competitive seasonal contracts, others might charge a higher rate for on-demand services. It’s essential to compare the rates and payment plans of different providers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Always check for any hidden fees and whether the company offers flexible payment options.

Choosing the right snow removal service boils down to a mixture of good reputation, comprehensive services, cutting-edge equipment, positive customer reviews, and transparent pricing. By carefully weighing these factors, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a service that will keep your property snow-free all winter long.

Tips to Reduce Snow Removal Costs in Manitoba

Winter in Manitoba can hit your wallet as hard as it hits the roads. But don’t let snow removal costs bury you this season. With a few smart strategies, you can keep those expenses from snowballing.

Clearing Snow by Yourself

Taking on the task of snow removal can trim costs significantly. It’s a straightforward approach—when you clear the snow yourself, you’re not paying contractor rates. Plus, with flexible pricing structures, you may find that your efforts combined with occasional professional service form the most economical approach.

  • Gear Up: Invest in a high-quality shovel or a snow blower suitable for your property’s size
  • Stay Ahead: Start clearing during the snowfall to prevent accumulation
  • Technique Matters: Employ proper shoveling techniques to avoid doubling your workload

Proper Snow Management

Efficient snow management is the linchpin in controlling removal costs. It can mean the difference between affordable upkeep and an icy financial slope.

  • Strategic Shoveling: Focus on high-traffic areas and clear these paths first
  • Apply Preventatives: Use salt or eco-friendly alternatives to stop ice formation
  • Smart Storage: Pile snow in a location where it won’t obstruct future removal or melt into your foundation

Preparing for Snowfall in Advance

Preemptive measures can mitigate the impact on your budget. Preparation is key and can lead to significant savings when the snow starts to fall.

  • Weather Tracking: Keep an eye on forecasts to anticipate heavy snowfall
  • Early Contracts: Secure a snow removal service ahead of the peak season for better rates
  • Group Rates: Consider collaborating with neighbors to negotiate a bulk deal with snow removal companies

Managing snow removal effectively requires both foresight and elbow grease. By incorporating these strategies, you’ll ensure that you navigate the winter months with both your property and your finances intact.


Tackling Manitoba’s snowy season doesn’t have to break the bank. By taking a hands-on approach and focusing on high-traffic areas, you’ll keep paths clear and costs down. Don’t forget the power of preparation—staying ahead of the forecasts means you won’t be caught off guard. And remember, there’s strength in numbers; teaming up with your neighbors could lead to significant savings. With these cost-effective strategies in your winter arsenal, you’re all set to face the chill without the financial frostbite.

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