Canada Snow Removal Cost Guide: Rates & Savings Tips

As winter blankets Canada in a thick layer of snow, you’re likely pondering the cost of keeping your walkways and driveways clear. In British Columbia, for instance, you’re looking at an average of $54.6 to $127.4 per visit to tackle the frosty challenge. But what about the rest of Canada?

In New Brunswick’s biting cold, the price tag for snow removal can be as unpredictable as the weather itself. Meanwhile, over in Ontario, the costs may not be as steep as you’d expect. Understanding these expenses is vital for your winter budgeting, so let’s break down the factors that influence snow removal costs across Canada.

Snow Removal Cost By Province Table

Province/CityPrice Range
British Columbia$54.6 to $127.4 per visit
New BrunswickVariable
Ontario$49.14 to $140.14 per hour; Seasonal $418.6 to $1,146.6
Alberta$45.5 to $136.5 per hour; Seasonal $455 to $1,183
Saskatchewan$54.6 to $127.4 hourly/per visit
Quebec$52.78 to $134.68 per hour
ManitobaComparable to Alberta and Ontario
Nova ScotiaIn line with national average
Prince Edward IslandStarting around $54
Newfoundland and Labrador$52.78 to $143.78 per hour
Yukon, Northwest Territories, and NunavutHigher due to extreme conditions

Factors Affecting Snow Removal Cost in Canada

When planning your winter budget for snow removal services, it’s essential to note the variability in costs. Your final price tag hinges on several factors, each playing a significant role in what you’ll spend.

  • Property Size: Without a doubt, the bigger your property, the heftier the cost. Snow removal companies often charge based on the total area they need to clear. A sprawling driveway means more ground to cover, leading to an increased price.
  • Frequency of Snowfall: In provinces like New Brunswick, snow can pile up quickly. The more frequently snow removal is required, the more visits you’ll need—this can add up, especially if you’re on a pay-per-visit contract.
  • One-off or Seasonal Contracts: Opting for a one-time service may cost you more per visit compared to signing a contract for the entire season. Seasonal contracts may offer peace of mind with regular removal, generally leading to cost savings over the winter.

In Mississauga, Ontario, where rates for residential snow removal can’t be pinned to a fixed cost, these variables become even more critical. Always seek multiple quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair deal considering these factors.

Location and Severity of the Winter: Your location in Manitoba or Quebec, for example, influences the cost. Areas with harsher winters, experiencing heavy snowfalls or severe weather conditions will naturally incur higher snow removal costs.

Remember, investing in snow removal is not merely an immediate expense. It’s about preventing potential damage, saving time in the long run, and maintaining that Canadian Curb Appeal all winter long.

Average Cost of Snow Removal Services in Canada

Residential Snow Removal Costs

When winter blankets your home with snow, keeping pathways clear is crucial. For residential properties in Canada, snow removal costs are determined by several variables, chief among them the size of the area to be cleared and the frequency of snowfall.

  • Standard Monthly Rates: Typically, for a standard size lot, you’re looking at monthly costs between $170 and $300+. These rates can fluctuate based on the total number of areas needing clearing.
  • Per Visit Rates: If you prefer to pay per visit, removing up to 6 inches of snow might cost you between $58.24 and $200.2 depending on driveway size and the amount of sidewalk to be cleared.
  • Seasonal Contracts: Opting for a seasonal contract can range from $382.2 to $1,155.7 for the entire winter season, a method that can provide savings for regions with consistent heavy snowfall.

Residential services prove essential, particularly for clients who are elderly or mobility impaired, ensuring safety and accessibility throughout the snowy months.

Commercial Snow Removal Costs

The stakes are higher for commercial properties where accessibility and safety are paramount. Costs are generally steeper as these venues tend to require more attention, equipment, and manpower.

  • Hourly Rates: A large commercial parking lot might require multiple contractors, with hourly rates for professional services ranging from $45.5 to $136.5 per hour.
  • Per Job Costs: To plow a commercial lot that takes 2 hours with two contractors at $25 per hour, the labor cost alone would be $100. That’s before factoring in overhead costs such as equipment and insurance.
  • Additional Services: Prices may also climb due to necessary salting and sanding to prevent ice build-up, adding to the complexity and cost of the job.

Commercial snow removal is generally about double the cost of residential due to the scale and nature of the work needed to keep business areas, like grocery stores and restaurants, operational and safe for customers.

Ensuring efficient and reliable snow removal for your property may involve an upfront cost but considering the safety, liability, and time saved, it’s an investment worth making. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, understanding the intricacies of snow removal costs will help you prepare for the winter season effectively.

Snow Removal Cost

Snow Removal Cost by Province


In Ontario, snow removal services range $49.14 to $140.14 per hour. Seasonal contracts average $418.6 to $1,146.6, providing cost-effective solutions for your winter needs. The price you’ll pay depends on factors like snow accumulation and specific location within the province.

Alberta Snow Removal Cost in 2023

For Alberta residents, hourly costs for snow removal services in 2023 fall between $45.5 and $136.5 per hour. Seasonal packages come in at $455 to $1,183, catering to the typical six inches of snowfall commonplace in the region. These costs factor in the size of your property and the frequency of snowfall expected.

Saskatchewan Snow Removal Cost (2023)

If you’re in Saskatchewan, expected snow removal costs vary from $54.6 to $127.4 hourly or per visit, influenced by travel time and equipment needs. It’s vital to budget for these fluctuations, especially with the region’s unpredictable storm severity.

British Columbia

Snow removal in British Columbia navigates around its varied climate zones. Costs in this province can fluctuate significantly, necessitating personalized quotes based on locality and equipment requirements due to diverse weather patterns across coastal and interior regions.


Quebec’s residents should expect hourly snow removal rates to range from $52.78 to $134.68. Prices are determined by the intensity of the winter and service frequency. Quebec’s notorious snowfalls necessitate reliable snow removal options to maintain accessibility and safety.

Manitoba Snow Removal Costs (2023)

In Manitoba, prepare for similar rates as other provinces with hourly costs ranging significantly. The actual price will depend on local weather conditions and snowfall frequency but expect comparable brackets as mentioned for provinces like Alberta and Ontario, ensuring your winter preparedness without surprises.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick witnesses intense winters, thus hiking snow removal costs accordingly. Residents need to consider increased rates due to the harsh weather, prioritising efficient service to contend with the severe winter months typical of the region.

Nova Scotia

Expect Nova Scotia’s snow removal prices to be in line with the national average. Given the coastal storms, appropriate budgeting is crucial to manage these weather-related challenges that can affect accessibility and safety within the province.

Prince Edward Island

For Prince Edward Island, anticipate snow removal costs to start around $54, adjusting upward based on the extent of services required. PEI’s winter conditions necessitate a varied approach to cost calculation tailored to specific snow clearing needs.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador residents can expect a range between $52.78 and $143.78 per hour for snow removal. These rates are reflective of the potential for relentless winter conditions that demand thorough and continuous snow management.

Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

The far north regions including Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut face extreme winter conditions, leading to higher demand for snow removal services, which can elevate costs. Specialist equipment and expertise are necessary for efficient snow clearing in these areas, influencing the overall cost structure.

Additional Factors that Impact Snow Removal Costs

Size of the Property

The size of your property plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of snow removal services. Larger properties invariably require more time and resources to clear, leading to higher charges. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Total area to be cleared: Expansive driveways and walkways boost the amount of labor and equipment needed.
  • Time for completion: Bigger properties may involve several hours of work per visit, impacting the overall expense.

For example, a small residential lot might take less than an hour to clear, incurring minimal costs, while commercial properties with extensive parking areas involve significantly more effort and machinery, reflective in the uptick in charges.

Accessibility of the Property

Accessibility issues can make snow removal more challenging and costly. Consider these aspects:

  • Obstacles: Numerous curves, steep slopes, or intricate landscaping demand careful handling, adding to the time taken.
  • Plow accessibility: If your property is not easily accessible by standard snow removal equipment, manual shoveling or smaller equipment may be necessary, affecting the labor costs.

Areas that are hard to reach or need cautious maneuvering around obstacles will often see an increase in price due to the additional labor and specialized equipment needed.

Amount of Snowfall

The volume and frequency of snowfall in your area are critical components in cost calculations. Heavier and more frequent snowfalls elevate the need for service, thus inflating the costs:

  • Depth of snow: Removal becomes more laborious with depths exceeding five inches, raising the cost.
  • Frequency of snowfall: Regular, heavy snowfall means frequent visits, which compounds the expense over the winter season.

Regions prone to heavier snow, like the far north or areas with persistent storms, often have higher baseline rates to account for these conditions. For instance, a single heavy snowfall may prompt multiple clearings within a short span increasing overall service frequency and costs.

Snow removal services

Different Types of Snow Removal Services

When the white blanket of snow covers your neighbourhood, knowing the types of snow removal services available can help you make an informed decision for your property’s needs.


Plowing is the go-to method for efficiently clearing large expanses of snow. Whether it’s a commercial lot or a residential driveway, plowing services offer the following advantages:

  • Speed: Plows shift significant amounts of snow swiftly, making them ideal for large areas.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to complete removal, plowing is less costly as it simply relocates snow to designated areas within the property.
  • Accessibility: After a snowstorm, plows enhance accessibility by quickly clearing paths for vehicles and pedestrians.

For properties with gravel drives, plows come equipped with shoes to avoid surface damage, ensuring your driveway remains intact beneath the snow. In heavy snowfall regions, plows can range from $30 to $95 per visit, a practical choice for those looking to balance cost with efficiency.


Shoveling is a traditional snow-clearing method favoured for its precision and minimal equipment requirement. Key aspects are:

  • Detail-Oriented: Perfect for tight spaces or intricate pathways where larger equipment cannot reach.
  • Versatility: Shoveling is suitable for both light dustings and substantial accumulations, although it may require more time and effort for the latter.
  • Safety: A professional service reduces the risk of personal injury, especially important considering the strain snow shoveling can place on one’s back and heart.

Professional shoveling services offer relief from this arduous task, with costs varying between $25 to $75 per hour, depending on factors like the property size and snow depth. Shoveling ensures a clean, precise finish without damaging your lawn or pavement.

Salting and De-icing

Salting and De-icing are critical components of a complete snow removal strategy, particularly for preventing ice formation and ensuring safety. These services provide:

  • Prevention: Salting before a storm can inhibit ice formation, making subsequent snow removal easier and more effective.
  • Accessibility: Ice-melt solutions ensure walkways and driveways remain slip-free, greatly reducing the hazard of falls.
  • Flexibility: Various de-icing materials are available to suit different needs and surfaces without causing undue harm to the environment or property.

Including options like sodium chloride and calcium chloride, salting services can integrate environmentally and pet-friendly alternatives. Costs depend on the materials used and the frequency of application. Remember, ice management goes hand-in-hand with snow removal, ensuring clear, safe surfaces throughout the winter season.

Tips to Save Money on Snow Removal

Clearing Small Areas Yourself

Tackling snow removal for small areas, such as the front city sidewalk or the path leading to your door, can significantly cut costs. DIY snow removal with a bought shovel, priced at around $20, ranks as the most economic approach. By dedicating time to clear minor sections yourself, you circumvent the need for professional services for these specific tasks, thus conserving funds. However, be mindful of potential injuries and the physical toll this activity demands. Balance the money saved against your wellbeing and the possible cost of medical care should an injury occur.

Negotiating with Snow Removal Companies

To further reduce expenses, consider directly negotiating with snow removal contractors. Many companies offer flexible pricing structures and may accommodate budget-friendly options if you discuss your needs. Engage in conversations about discounts for longer-term contracts or bundled services. Consistently requesting quotes from multiple providers ensures a competitive rate. Transparency about your budget and expectations leads to mutually beneficial arrangements without compromising on service quality.

Pre-booking Snow Removal Services

Early booking of snow removal services, especially during off-peak seasons like summer, offers potential savings. Snow removal businesses, in anticipation of the busy winter season, often provide early sign-up discounts to secure customers in advance. Year-round contracts that combine both lawn care and snow removal further slash prices. The principle here is to lock in rates before demand surges, minimizing the chances of paying a premium rate in the throes of winter when services are in high demand and companies may charge more due to the urgency and volume of work.


Navigating the costs of snow removal in Canada doesn’t have to leave you out in the cold. Whether you’re in bustling Ontario or the snowy stretches of the far north understanding the variables that influence pricing will ensure you’re never caught off guard. Remember the size of your property and the severity of the season play crucial roles in shaping costs. Opting for a method that suits your specific needs—be it plowing shoveling or salting—can make all the difference in maintaining safety and accessibility. And don’t forget to explore ways to cut costs by taking on some tasks yourself or securing early bird rates. Stay warm and prepared by choosing the right snow removal strategy for your budget and lifestyle.

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