Outdoor Christmas Decorations Hacks: Budget-friendly Ideas for Festive Outdoor Spaces

Get ready to deck your outdoor spaces with yuletide joy! Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re here to help you make your home the most festive on the block. We’ll be exploring some of the most inventive DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, from the simplest of lights to the most creative of crafts.

Ever wondered how to transform your garden into a winter wonderland, or how to make your porch sparkle with Christmas cheer? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll delve into some easy peasy outdoor Christmas light hacks, repurposing tricks, and budget-friendly finds that will have your home merry all season long.

So, get your coat hangers, PVC pipes, and Christmas lights ready. We’re about to embark on a festive journey of DIY outdoor Christmas decoration hacks that’ll ensure Santa won’t skip your home this year.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Hacks

Nothing says Christmas cheer like beautifully decorated exteriors. With our DIY outdoor Christmas decorations hacks, you’re sure to have the most holly and jolly home on your block.

Got some leftover PVC pipe and old coat hangers? Craft them into a simple Christmas light showstopper! This clever project involves simply combining a 10’ PVC pipe, Christmas lights, and bend coat hangers. Quick, easy, and spectacular!

Turn your garden into a Christmas wonderland without blowing your budget. Add a festive spin to your standard solar-powered lantern by filling a mason jar with fairy lights. Want to position them along a garden path or hang them from a tree? The tutorial even covers crafting a wooden post for hanging.

Overflowing with unused items at home? Repurpose them for Christmas. Turn those plastic balls and cups into oversized ornaments for a festive porch. Or brighten up your outdoors with lighted garland. Remember, sometimes the simplest decor hack amplifies the Christmas magic.

Don’t overlook the entrance of your home. Treat your front door to some Christmas love. Using wreaths and planters with artificial Christmas plants adds an elegant touch of the holiday spirit.

Experiment with different materials, mix and match, but most importantly, have fun decorating. Unleash your creativity and make your home’s exterior a sight to behold this holiday season. The options are endless, and the cheer is priceless.

Where to Start

Navigating the multitude of DIY outdoor Christmas decoration ideas flying around can appear overwhelming at first glance. Don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the process.

Your first task will be to assess your space and set up a feasible budget. Implementing these tactics will simplify the decoration process, turning it into a joyful and stress-free holiday activity.

Assessing Your Space

Take a proper look at your outdoor area. Whether you’ve got a grand estate, a bijou city town house, or just a little yard, you can make it merry and bright. Consider your space’s dimensions, think about where you can appropriately place decorations, and envision how everything might tie together.

Think about ways to make your outdoor decorations stand out even in small spaces. For example, if you have limited outdoor space, stick to a “Christmas tree farm” look. All you need is a few galvanised trash cans, which you can find relatively cheaply, and you’ve got yourself miniature Christmas tree planters.

Lighting surely is a top way to bring that magical atmosphere to your outdoor area – whatever its size. Don’t overlook the power of lights and baubles either – both play transformative roles in warming up your setting. One simple hack for a Christmas mantelpiece involves merely organising different sized ornaments in a glass cloche for maximal impact. Efficiency and beauty all in one!

Remember, you’re not limited to utilising only traditional decorative items. Repurposing common household items can result in exciting and unique decorations, like turning pool noodles into oversized snowflakes.

Setting a Budget

It’s vital to remember that creating a festive home exterior doesn’t have to break the bank. Setting a budget for your Christmas decorations is a smart move. When working within a budget, creativity knows no limits.

Free printables are a fantastic, budget-friendly way to add Christmas decor – not to mention DIY projects that take advantage of cheap materials you might already have at home, like wooden ovals from Dollar Tree that you can customise for a unique touch.

Another money-saving tip? Repurpose other items around your home as decorations. Those discarded pool noodles? They make spectacular snowflakes. Extra Christmas ornaments? Try arranging them creatively in a glass cloche for a striking table centrepiece.

Remember, the magic of Christmas isn’t in the extravagance, but in the heart and thought put into each decoration. Decorate as much as your heart desires, but more importantly, have fun with it! The most important rule of holiday decorating? Make merry memories. Christmas, after all, is a time for joy.

Ideas for outdoor decorations

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Decorations

Unleashing your creativity during the festive season isn’t confined to the interior of your home. Step outside the box and explore the array of outdoor Christmas decoration hacks that can transform your exterior into a festive wonderland. Here are a couple of ideas that could inspire you to create your unique display or maybe even start a new family tradition.

DIY Outdoor Decorations

When it comes to Christmas decoration, DIY projects can be a game-changer. Repurpose old items, find bargains at a flea market or dollar store, and create something extraordinary. These outdoor Christmas decoration hacks need not be overly complicated or expensive. For instance, homemade wreaths made from popsicle sticks make noteworthy rustic decor. Likewise, cutting out white paper snowflakes or creating your DIY snow globe adds a personal touch.

Old light bulbs can be used to make attractive ornaments while glass jars can transform into a lantern host for tiny fairy lights. You can make your front porch more inviting by hanging DIY Christmas wreaths which add a welcome touch of tradition. In fact, outdoor Christmas decorations consisting of unique yard and porch displays play an essential part of the Christmas setup. Not to forget, you can repurpose old, unused items such as toys, scarves, planters and more to craft unique outdoor displays.

Lighting Hacks

Christmas light decorations are pivotal to creating that magical holiday glow in your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or going all out, there are lighting hacks to cater to every preference. One easy-to-apply method involves using 10-foot PVC pipe, Christmas lights and some bent coat hangers. Craft a simple display that is quick to erect, take down and store without the hassle of untangling lights each year.

And then there’s the magical role LED decorations play. Snowflakes, stars and other hanging decorations can simply be strung around your outdoor space without the need for intricate arrangements. Spray painting the cord of your Christmas lights with a metallic hue can add an unexpected glow. You could also give your display an enchanting twist by wrapping your LED decorations around a metal garbage can for an industrial, yet festive touch.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When bedding in the blankets of holiday spirit, safety mustn’t be overlooked. While decking your outdoor space for Christmas might be brilliant fun, it’s important to play it safe too. From using LED decorations, to fortifying fairy lights and neglecting tangle in storage; all contribute to resourceful, risk-free channeling of that Christmas sparkle outdoors. Let’s delve into some smart safety tips for your outdoor yuletide glee.


Weatherproofing is paramount when creating magical, twinkling scenes outdoors. Taking care is, indeed, better than taking unsettlement during that special holiday season. Outdoor decorations, particularly lights, need to endure everything Mother Nature flings at them, from wind to snowfall, to ensure they shine bright throughout the festive period.

Use professional light strings designed for outdoor use, which offer sealed construction. The resilience of such lights against wind, water, snow, dirt, and harsh winter weather is impeccable. Believe us when we say that the last thing you’d want to worry about is replacing bulbs, dealing with faulty light strings, falling lights or power outages right in the middle of Christmas.

For instance, your duct tape and poster board cone trees can be easily shielded by applying a weatherproof clear coat that’s non-yellowing and UV resistance. As another example, wooden birdhouses transformed into gingerbread birdhouses need a coat of clear sealer to defend against the elements.

Electrical Safety

The charm of an enchanted Christmas yard cannot gloss over electrical safety. It’s a crucial aspect when hanging your light shows. You might need to plug in multiple items for the outdoor lighted Christmas decorations.

Place strategic importance on using extension cords correctly. Choose cords labelled for outdoor use, with the appropriate power rating to handle the load. Be wary of securing lights with materials like metal or nails that may damage the cord. Try using electrical tape or zip ties instead.

Plus, when wrapping lights around your foliage, find handy tools to speed things up without compromising safety. The plastic strip-like TreE-Z wraps could be useful for gripping the light strings securely with their “teeth”.

When installing lights outdoors, spend a bit more on higher-end LED lights that will last a long time. This investment will save you from redoing the lights every year.

Remember, being safe outside this Christmas doesn’t mean the merriment must be compromised. Implement these safety tips and have a ‘lit’ Christmas, sans any lighting mishaps.

Maintaining Outdoor Decorations

Maintaining Outdoor Decorations

Maintaining the life and lustre of your Christmas decorations is crucial, especially when it involves decorations you’ve spent a good chunk of time DIY’ing. So, how do you keep them looking fresh and new every year? Read on to learn how to properly clean, store, and refresh your outdoor Christmas ornaments.

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Your decorations get exposed to all the elements. From harsh winter winds to rain, sleet and more! Coming clean about cleaning might not be the most festive topic, but it’s a must if you want your decorations to stick around longer than a single season.

Start off with the basics, like cleaning off any dirt or debris from your decorations before storing them. This prevents any nasty surprises like mould or mildew come next Christmas season. To do this, simply wipe down your ornaments with a damp cloth and let them air dry.

Next, let’s talk storage. Sure, you might be tempted to just throw your decorations in a box and shove it in the attic, but resist! Properly wrapping and storing your decorations not only extends their lifespan but makes your life a whole lot easier when decorating next Christmas.

Forget about piling your lights in storage boxes, go for a tangle-free option instead. To avoid a light-tangled mess that would make a kitten proud, try wrapping individual strands of lights around your hand, then transferring them to tension rods. Then all that’s left to do is fitting the tension rods to a plastic storage container. Chic and easy! Remember to label your light runs. This way, you’ll know exactly where to put them up next year. Less hassle means more time for warm, festive drinks and mince pies.

And let’s not forget about your delicate ornaments. The last thing you want is breaking these gems. Store them in boxes, each with their own individual felt wrappers. For the easiest Christmas decoration storage, use slim boxes and layer up with a sheet of felt. That’s your ornaments safe for another year!

Refreshing and Updating Decorations

On to revamping your old decorations. Sometimes, it’s nice to add a new lease of life to your well-loved decorations.

An age-old hack for updating your decorations is a simple coat of spray paint. Just pop to your friendly neighbourhood thrift store and pick up some fun ceramic holiday decorations. Once you’ve got those picked out, paint them one solid colour. White works perfectly, or you could even go bold with gold or blue. It’s quirky, cost-effective and makes for some truly unique decorations.

Playing around with your decorations is all part of the fun. From vibrant wreaths to gilded nutcracker statues, your outdoor display is bound to turn some heads this Christmas.


So, you’ve got the lowdown on DIY outdoor Christmas decoration hacks. You now understand the importance of assessing your space, setting a budget, and prioritising safety. You’re equipped with tips on maintaining your decorations, from clever storage solutions to refreshing old ornaments.

Remember, it’s all about having fun and letting your creativity shine. So, don your festive jumper, crank up the Christmas tunes, and get decorating. Your outdoor space is about to become a winter wonderland.

But don’t stop here. Keep exploring, keep experimenting. After all, the beauty of DIY is that there’s always something new to learn. Happy decorating!

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