New Brunswick Snow Removal Costs 2023

Bracing for the winter months in New Brunswick means more than just bundling up – it’s also about tackling the snow that blankets your driveway. With costs ranging from $50 to $120 per visit, understanding snow removal expenses is crucial for your winter budget. Whether you’ve got a cozy single car driveway or a more spacious two-car setup, the size of your property plays a big part in the price.

But it’s not just about square footage. Snow blowing, for instance, can set you back between $61 and $91 per hour. This article will guide you through the factors that affect snow removal costs in New Brunswick, ensuring you’re not caught off guard when the flakes start to fall. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s delve into how you can keep your driveway clear without freezing your finances.

Factors Affecting Snow Removal Costs in New Brunswick

Understanding the intricacies of snow removal costs in New Brunswick ensures you’re not caught off-guard when the first flurries fall. The price you pay for keeping your driveways and paths navigable varies on several factors. Brace yourself, and let’s dig into what specifically affects these expenses during the chilling winter months.

Amount of Snowfall

The thickness of the snow blanket covering your property directly impacts the cost of removal. With every snowfall come layers upon layers of additional accumulation. A standard removal service includes the first 6 inches of snowfall, priced between $60 and $95. Should the heavens be generous and grace you with more, prepare to spend an extra $30 for each additional 6 inches.

Snow Depth (inches)Average Cost ($)Additional Cost for Every Extra 6 inches ($)
Up to 660 – 95+30

Bear in mind, snow events in New Brunswick aren’t a rarity; they’re a staple of the season, with historical averages spotlighting around 8 visits per month. Heavier snowfalls require more effort, more resources, and hence, more investment from your end.

Size of the Property

It’s straightforward—the grander your land, the more substantial the bill. Service providers price their offers based on the area they’ll need to clear. They’re not just removing snow; they’re covering distances and conquering terrains.

  • Total Area: Your sprawling grounds translate into more square footage that needs to be freed of snow.
  • Clearance Time: Larger spaces entail prolonged work hours per visit, which often means soaring costs.

If you’ve got an area that stretches far and wide, picture this: your property dictates the scope of work, and as such, expect your expenses to align with the scale of your estate.


Accessibility can be the linchpin in your snow removal cost calculation. Complications arise when snow blockades challenge paths, creating intricate barriers to clear. Steep driveways or hard-to-reach walkways? These nuances affect the labour intensity and may demand specialized equipment or additional manpower to ensure swift and safe clearance.

Heated Driveways: For those considering the ultimate convenience, heated driveways feature a cost to match their functionality. Generally speaking, you’re looking at anywhere between $1,500 and $7,500 for installation. Not a negligible amount, but these radiant heat systems promise swift melting of snow without the need for mechanical removal.

Extraordinary provisions—like service guarantees or two-times-faster premium clearing—might up your costs but add unmatched value and reassurance during New Brunswick’s notorious winter onslaughts. Regardless of the logistics, with comprehensive knowledge of these cost-affecting factors, you’re now well-prepared to plan for the snowy days ahead.

Different Types of Snow Removal Services in New Brunswick

As winter takes hold, you’re faced with the challenge of keeping your property clear of snow. In New Brunswick, a variety of snow removal services are available, each with its unique benefits. As you navigate through the frosty months, understanding the differences between these services ensures your choice meets your needs and budget.


Plowing is a powerful solution to heavy snowfalls and large areas. Here are the benefits:

  • Swift Clearing: Plowing pushes snow to the side quickly, ideal for clearing driveways or parking spaces in minimal time.
  • Cost Efficiency: Moving snow rather than removing it entirely often requires less effort, making plowing a more cost-effective option.

In New Brunswick, rates for plowing services vary based on the size of your driveway:

Driveway Size (single car width)Plowing Cost
12 ft x 30 ft$50 to $60
12 ft x 40 ft$60 to $70
12 ft x 50 ft$60 to $80
12 ft x 60 ft$70 to $90

For two car driveways:

Driveway Size (two car width)Plowing Cost
24 ft x 30 ft$70 to $90
24 ft x 40 ft$80 to $100
24 ft x 50 ft$90 to $110
24 ft x 60 ft$100 to $120

Despite its efficiency, remember that plows may not be suitable for smaller, intricate spaces and may risk damage to peripheral areas of your property.


When precision matters, shoveling stands out:

  • Detail-Oriented Work: Ideal for navigating tight spaces and clearing snow from areas inaccessible to larger machinery.
  • Safety First: A professional shoveling service minimizes the risk of physical strain or heart-related issues, prevalent when attempting this strenuous task alone.

The disadvantages of shoveling by hand include the labor-intensive nature of the work and the risk of personal injury. However, for those who prefer a more hands-on approach, shoveling offers unmatched precision and control over the snow removal process.

Snow Blowing

In contrast to plowing, snow blowing carriers its own set of advantages:

  • Versatile: Snow blowers can handle a wide range of snow depths and types, offering more flexibility in handling winter’s unpredictability.
  • Protective: The technique used in blowing is less likely to cause damage to your lawn or decorative elements since the snow is directed in a controlled manner.

Snow blowing is an excellent middle ground between the exhaustive labor of shoveling and the brute strength of plowing. It provides a neat solution that clears well, preserving the integrity of your outdoor spaces.

As snow accumulates, you’ll find that selecting the right snow removal service for your property in New Brunswick not only saves time but also safeguards your property and health during the winter months. Whether you choose plowing, shoveling, or snow blowing, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision that aligns with your property’s specific needs.

Snow blower

Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Company

When winter weather hits New Brunswick, you need to know you’re choosing the best snow removal services to ensure your safety and convenience. Here’s a guide to help you pick a reliable company.

Researching Local Companies

Start by gathering a list of providers in your area. Look for those with a strong track record and positive customer reviews, which often reflect reliability and quality service. Proven track record matters when you’re entrusting someone to clear snow effectively and prevent damage to your property.

Technology and tools are also keypoints; companies investing in the latest equipment typically deliver more efficient and thorough services. Check for providers using advanced systems, such as satellite imagery to assess your property layout, ensuring every inch of snow is managed properly.

Additionally, gauge their commitment to the community. Companies that support local economies or have a mission beyond profit are likely to add more value to their services.

Checking Insurance and Licenses

A non-negotiable when hiring a snow removal company is ensuring they have the proper insurance and licenses. This not only protects you from liability in case of an accident but also assures you that the company meets industry standards.

Your chosen firm should easily provide evidence that they are licensed to operate and hold insurance. Without this, you risk falling foul of subpar work with no recourse. Remember, licensed, insured providers are accountable professionals that stand behind their work.

Requesting Quotes and Comparing Prices

To secure the best deal, don’t shy away from requesting quotes from multiple service providers. Look for flexible pricing structures to fit within your budget without compromising on service quality.

Snow Removal ServiceAverage Cost
DIY Snow Removal$15 (shovel cost)
Standard Contractor$100
Emergency ServiceHigher Rate

When comparing prices, consider the breadth of service, such as whether they offer a flat rate for the season or variable pricing based on snowfall. It’s important to understand what’s included in the service. Will the same crew service your property every time? Is there technology in place that allows you to verify the work done in your absence?

By discussing your specific needs and showing transparency about your budget, you may find contractors willing to offer discounts for long-term contracts or referrals. The goal is to establish a long-term relationship with a company that consistently meets your winter needs.

Investing the time to research and compare local snow removal options can save you money in the long run and ensure that you’re never snowed-in. Whether you opt for a one-off service or a seasonal contract, choosing the right provider makes all the difference.

DIY Snow Removal Tips for Cost Savings

Investing in the Right Equipment

To tackle snow removal effectively, it’s essential to invest in the right equipment. While a basic shovel may cost as little as $15, it’s crucial to recognise that there are more tools at your disposal. For instance, a snowblower might set you back between $175 and $1,500 but can save you considerable time and effort, especially in heavy snowfall areas. Similarly, purchasing attachments for your ATV or truck ranges from $330 to $3,625 but can significantly boost your snow-clearing efficiency for larger areas.

When you invest wisely in equipment, you’re not only paying for the tool but also for the long-term savings in time and physical exertion. However, it’s vital to balance these costs against your specific needs. For small areas, a quality shovel might suffice. But for larger properties, mechanised options could prove indispensable despite the higher initial outlay.

Clearing Snow Regularly

One practical tip to manage your snow removal costs is Clearing Snow Regularly. Not only does this prevent accumulation which can become harder to manage, but it also reduces the necessity for heavy-duty equipment or professional services. By keeping up with the snowfall, you maintain safe walkways and reduce the risk of ice formation.

The longer snow sits, the more it compacts, becoming denser and more challenging to remove. Regular removal is less time-consuming per session than tackling a week’s worth of snowfall in one go. This consistent approach prevents potential damage to your property’s surface and preserves that vital Canadian Curb Appeal.

Using Environmentally Friendly Snow Melting Agents

Lastly, shifting to environmentally friendly snow melting agents such as sodium chloride or calcium chloride can be beneficial for both your wallet and nature. These agents help prevent re-freezing at lower temperatures and reduce the amount of shoveling required. But, it’s the long-term savings and environmental impact that are most noteworthy.

Using pet-friendly and environmentally safe melters can safeguard your surrounding flora and fauna while still ensuring the safety of your walkways. While the cost may vary based on the materials used and the frequency of application, you’ll find that taking a greener approach often equates to a safer investment for your home’s future and less damage to the surrounding landscape.

By considering these factors, you can devise a snow removal strategy that aligns with your budget and lifestyle. Engage with your environment and resources smartly to keep your property snow-free while cutting down expenses.


Arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge is key to managing New Brunswick’s snowy winters without breaking the bank. By investing in quality equipment and adopting a proactive approach to snow removal, you’ll find that keeping your driveways and walkways clear is both achievable and affordable. Remember to choose eco-friendly melting agents to protect the environment while you’re at it. With these strategies in hand, you’re now well-equipped to tackle the winter season efficiently and cost-effectively. Stay warm and safe out there!

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