Alberta Snow Removal Costs 2023

Bracing for the winter means more than just bundling up in Alberta—it’s about keeping your driveways and walkways clear too. With snow removal services ranging from $45.5 to $136.5 per hour in 2023, you’re probably wondering how to budget for the season. Whether you’ve got a small patch to clear or a sprawling property, these costs are tailored to the typical six inches of snowfall and the unique demands of your space.

Seasonal packages might just be the lifesaver you need, with prices between $455 and $1,183 offering a one-stop solution for the frosty months. Knowing what to expect cost-wise can take the chill out of winter planning, so let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of snow removal expenses in Alberta and how they fit into your winter maintenance strategy.

Factors Affecting Snow Removal Costs in Alberta

Amount of Snowfall

Alberta’s winters come with heavy snowfall, directly impacting snow removal costs. The more snow you’re dealing with, the longer it takes to clear it, and often, the more resources required. For example, Calgary’s significant snow events may necessitate frequent clearings and even additional visits by the snow removal team, spiralling the expenses. If historical data show your area averages high snowfall, anticipate a larger bill due to increased service frequency.

Size of the Property

Your property’s size is a determining factor in snow removal pricing. It stands to reason that the larger your grounds, the more time and labor it’ll require for clearing. For instance, a spacious residential lot in Edmonton can see costs rising owing to the extended time a crew must spend on site. Prices are typically calculated either per square foot or by the hour, so larger drivates mean higher expenses.

Accessibility to the Property

How accessible your property is, plays a crucial role in determining snow removal costs. Properties that are difficult to navigate due to steep inclines, winding paths, or tight spaces might require specialised equipment or additional labour. If you’re in a rural area of Alberta, where properties can be isolated, these logistical challenges can further inflate the price.

Type of Property

Lastly, the nature of your property—be it residential or commercial—influences the cost. Commercial properties usually span larger areas and demand a certificate of insurance from the snow removal company, adding to the overall expenses. Residential properties in Alberta might have less ground to cover, but the need for meticulous work in tighter spaces can be time-intensive, reflecting in the price.

Man Operating A Snow Blower

Different Methods of Snow Removal in Alberta

Winter in Alberta introduces the challenge of snow removal, and the method you choose can have a significant impact on time, effort, and cost. Here’s a breakdown of the different strategies available to you.

Manual Shoveling

Manual shoveling exemplifies the classic approach to snow removal. It’s detail-oriented and exceptionally effective for small, intricate areas where larger machines wouldn’t fit. When opting for manual shoveling, you’re looking at a service that prioritizes:

  • Precision: Manual clearing ensures every inch of your paths and driveways is carefully attended to.
  • Control: You can target specific areas without risking damage to surrounding landscapes.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s a light snowfall or a heavy dusting, shoveling can be adjusted to suit the situation, though heavier snow will increase the time and effort required.

Snow Blowing

Snow blowing is a step up in efficiency from shoveling and is a great choice when dealing with mid-size areas. Snow blowers can quickly clear paths and driveways, and present benefits such as:

  • Speed: Snow blowers work faster than manual shoveling, saving precious time during a busy morning.
  • Ease: You’re spared the strenuous effort involved in manual shoveling, reducing the risk of injury or strain.
  • Effectiveness: Even in considerable snow accumulations, snow blowers can cut through with ease, ensuring clear, navigable paths.


For larger properties or commercial spaces in Alberta, plowing is generally the go-to method. It’s essential for efficient and quick clearing of large volumes of snow. With a snow plow service, you can expect:

  • Large-scale clearing: Plows handle vast spaces efficiently, reducing the clearing time considerably.
  • Consistency: Regular plowing services help maintain clear grounds throughout the snowy season.
  • Safety: Mitigating the hazards of snow and ice build-up, plowing keeps communal areas safe for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Ice Melting

Ice melting techniques are crucial for the safety and accessibility of your property. Using chemical agents, ice melting services provide:

  • Slip prevention: Preventing ice formation reduces the risk of slips and accidents.
  • Property protection: When correctly applied, de-icing products can minimize the harmful effects of salt and chemicals on concrete and greenery.
  • Long-term care: Regular applications can keep walkways and driveways clear during fluctuating temperatures and prevent the reformation of ice.

Hiring Professional Snow Removal Services in Alberta

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

When snow blankets Alberta, the task of removal can be daunting. But there’s good news! Hiring professionals offers some robust benefits:

  • Time-Saving: Your time is precious. Delegating snow clearance to pros lets you focus on what matters most to you.
  • Safety: Snow removal can be hazardous. Skilled teams adeptly handle icy conditions, reducing your risk of injury.
  • Equipment: Experts come equipped with top-tier machinery, capable of tackling everything Mother Nature throws your way.
  • Reliability: An established firm typically guarantees a consistent service, regardless of weather uncertainties.
  • Quality: Trained personnel ensure that the job’s done right the first time, which means a clear, safe space around your home or business.

Factors to Consider When Hiring

Ready to hire? Keep these crucial factors in mind:

  • Reputation: Look for companies with a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Insurance and Licensing: Ensure your chosen provider is adequately insured and licensed, safeguarding you against potential liabilities.
  • Response Time: Understand expected turnaround times, especially following heavy snowfall.
  • Pricing Structure: Confirm how they charge – is it per visit, per month, or per season? Clarity here will prevent surprises.
  • Service Scope: Determine what’s included. Does the fee cover sidewalks, driveways, and entrances? What about de-icing services?

Costs of Professional Snow Removal Services

Digging into costs reveals a range of pricing strategies:

  • Hourly Rates: Some services charge by the hour. The longer it takes, the more you’ll pay.
  • Per Visit: A single flat rate for each snow removal visit can keep things simple.
  • Seasonal Contracts: Long-term agreements often result in a lower overall cost, spread across several payments.

Here are typical fees you might encounter:

Service TypeCost Range
Hourly RateVaries based on service complexity
Per EventAdjusted for size, difficulty, and accessibility
Seasonal ContractMore economical for frequent service

It’s not just about the snowfall. Residential properties usually start around $125.00/month for basic services, while commercial spaces, because of their size and complexity, scale upwards accordingly.

Remember, while initial quotes may seem attractive, ensure they reflect the entire service package you require. Pricing should align with the frequency of snow events and your specific property needs. Consider what you’re getting for your investment—not just in monetary terms, but in peace of mind and reclaimed time.

Prioritize your safety and convenience this winter. By partnering with a trusted professional snow removal service, you’ll be well-prepared for Alberta’s snowy season.

DIY Snow Removal in Alberta

Tools and Equipment Needed

When considering the chore of snow removal, how well-equipped you are can make an enormous difference. For Alberta homeowners, the average snowfall dictates the need for specific tools. A shovel with an ergonomic handle is essential, preferably one with a smaller blade to ease the strain on your back. If your driveway is long, investing in a snow blower could be a wise move, saving time and physical effort. In high snowfall areas, roof heating cables preempt the formation of dangerous ice dams. You’ll notice that a proper setup with the right tools transforms an otherwise arduous task into a manageable part of your winter routine.

Safety Tips for DIY Snow Removal

Your safety during snow removal cannot be overstated. Simple strategies will protect you from common injuries. Begin by spreading salt before the snowfall to prevent ice formation. Always push rather than lift the snow where possible to lessen back strain. When shoveling, lift with your legs, keeping your back straight, and don’t overload the shovel. Regularly removing snow in stages, no more than every two to five inches, will prevent ice packing and larger, unmanageable accumulations. It’s important to remember to clear right to the sidewalk and be mindful of your neighbours who may need assistance due to health or mobility issues.

Cost Comparison of DIY vs Professional Snow Removal

The cost-effectiveness of DIY snow removal compared to hiring a professional service can sway your decision-making. Purchasing a basic shovel for about $20 is significantly cheaper than professional snow removal services. However, keep in mind that this is a labor-intensive option. Professional services, in contrast, can range from $45.5 to $136.5 per hour with seasonal packages priced from $455 to $1,183. This difference becomes more profound when considering the safety, time, and convenience offered by professionals. Additionally, the unseen costs of DIY, such as the risk of injury and time spent, make professional services a competitive option for those valuing their health and time.

Snow Removal OptionCost
Basic Snow Shovel (DIY)~$20
Professional Service (Hourly Rate)$45.5 – $136.5
Professional Service (Seasonal Package)$455 – $1,183

Balancing costs with convenience, safety, and time, you’ll find choosing between DIY and professional snow removal depends on your personal circumstances and the value you place on each of these factors.


Navigating Alberta’s snowy season requires a clear plan for snow removal. Whether you opt for the DIY route or decide to hire professionals, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to make an informed choice that suits your lifestyle and budget. Remember, investing in the right tools and adhering to safety practices is paramount if you’re going it alone. But if time is scarce and convenience is key, professional services offer a hassle-free solution to keep your property snow-free. Whichever path you choose, you’re ready to tackle the winter weather head-on, ensuring a safe and accessible environment for you and your visitors.

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