Saskatchewan Snow Removal: Costs and Budget Tips 2023

Bracing for winter in Saskatchewan means more than just bundling up; it’s about preparing for the inevitable snow removal that’ll be part of your daily routine. With costs ranging from $54.6 to $127.4 per hour or visit, it’s crucial to budget wisely for these services. The unpredictable storm severity in the region only adds to the complexity of planning your snow removal expenses.

Understanding the nuances of snow removal costs, from the size of your area to the frequency of heavy snowfalls, is key to managing your winter budget. In this article, you’ll discover the factors that affect pricing and learn how to anticipate the additional charges that might come your way. Stay ahead of the winter woes with our guide to navigating Saskatchewan’s snow removal costs.

The Importance of Snow Removal in Saskatchewan

When winter storms sweep through Saskatchewan, snow removal becomes more than a mere chore—it’s a crucial service that ensures public safety and business continuity. With heavy snowfall potentially obstructing roads, driveways, and sidewalks, prompt removal is essential to prevent accidents and allow normal daily activities to proceed unhindered.

Businesses particularly stand to benefit as removing snow from commercial properties ensures that customers and employees can access facilities without risk. Imagine a scenario where neglected snow causes a patron to slip, leading to an injury. This could not only result in costly liability issues for the business owner but also tarnish their reputation. Therefore, having a reliable snow removal plan is an investment in both safety and branding.

Moreover, residential areas cannot be overlooked. Accessible driveways and clear walkways are fundamental during winter, especially for emergency service accessibility. Think about a medical emergency where every second counts—snow impeding the entrance to a home could be the difference between life and death.

The operational aspect is just as crucial. Entities equipped with professional-grade snow removal equipment like skid steers and ice melt application tools ensure efficiency and thoroughness. This means that businesses and homes alike can expect a swift return to normalcy, even after a substantial snowstorm.

Remember, Saskatchewan’s winter can be unpredictable, and your readiness to tackle the snow will define how well you navigate these frosty months. With the right snow removal services at your disposal, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you stay warm and get on with your life.

Factors Affecting Snow Removal Costs

Amount of Snowfall

When it comes to snow removal in Saskatchewan, one rule stands: the heavier and more frequent the snowfalls, the higher your costs will likely be. A key point here is the depth of snow. Removal tasks become significantly more burdensome with depths surpassing five inches. This not only raises the effort required but also the expenses you’ll incur. Frequent blizzards mean service providers have to come out to your property more often, compounding the total cost throughout the winter. Below you’ll find data highlighting average snowfalls and storm intensities you might encounter:

MonthSnowfallsBetween 5 to 10 CmBetween 10 to 25 Cm
Average Per Month4.90.640.12
Season Total24.73.20.6

Property Size and Complexity

The size of your property doesn’t just affect your weekend plans – it’s also a crucial factor in determining snow removal costs. Larger properties mean more ground to cover, thus demanding more manpower and machinery. An expansive driveway or a labyrinth of walkways can significantly bump up labor costs due to the following:

  • Total area to be cleared: Greater areas need more resources.
  • Time for completion: More time per visit translates into a heavier hit on your wallet.

A residential lot might take under an hour to clear, causing minimal impact on your budget. In contrast, if you own a commercial space with a substantial parking lot, prepare for a noticeable uptick in charges due to the increased effort and equipment required.

Accessibility and Location

Where your property sits geographically can also sway snow removal costs. Regions with heavier snow or those prone to persistent storms are likely to face higher baseline rates. This adjustment accommodates the frequent clearings needed within close timeframes, thereby adding to the overall expense. A recent example from your area saw snowfall accumulations reaching 90 centimetres. For context, that’s over double the previous year’s measure, resulting in a substantial increase in workload and a snow removal budget that escalated to potentially $10 to $15 million.

Accessibility challenges extend beyond geography. Whether you’re dealing with the quirks of local snowfall patterns or the unique requirements imposed by physical disabilities, aiding accessibility is paramount. Ensuring sidewalks and thoroughfares are clear can make a world of difference to neighbours facing mobility issues or those with young families. In the depths of a Saskatchewan winter, a pathway free of snow is not just a convenience – it’s a lifeline.

Different Types of Snow Removal Services

Understanding the types of snow removal services available is key when preparing for the challenging winter months in Saskatchewan. Let’s delve into the specifics of each service to see how they cater to your requirements.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is a robust solution for dealing with the accumulation of snow on your property. With this service, snow is moved from your driveway or parking area to a designated zone within your property or, depending on your arrangement, completely off-site. Here’s why plowing is an efficient choice for you:

  • Swift Clearing: Plowing is the fastest method to clear large areas, ensuring you’re not left stranded.
  • Snow Ridge Management: Plowing creates snow ridges; however, experienced plow operators use specialized blades to keep these ridges to a manageable height of approximately 30 cm.
  • Access After Heavy Snowfall: Post-storm, professionals ensure your alleyways get much-needed attention for garbage and recycling accessibility.

Remember, consistent snow plowing prevents snow from building up and turning into challenging ice patches, saving you from the effort of dealing with hardened snow later on.

Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling is more traditional but no less effective, particularly for smaller, intricate areas. If your property features narrow walkways or delicate landscaping, shoveling offers the precision needed for safe navigation. Benefits of opting for shoveling include:

  • Versatility: Ideal for smaller or hard-to-reach areas, shoveling can adapt to various nooks and crannies.
  • Personal Touch: Shoveling allows for greater care and attention, ensuring your property’s unique layout is considered.

While shoveling might seem like a task you can handle, professional services ensure it’s done effectively, reducing the risk of personal injury and strain from the physical exertion in cold temperatures.

Snow Blowing

When dealing with moderate snowfall, snow blowing strikes a balance between the thoroughness of shoveling and the speed of plowing. A snow blower can navigate residential properties with ease, offering the following advantages:

  • Precise Snow Placement: Unlike plowing, blowers can relocate the snow to where it won’t obstruct pathways or access points.
  • Efficiency: Snow blowers work well in tight spaces and can clear snow without the risk of damaging the underlying surface.

Cost-wise, snow blowing ranges from $25 to $75 per hour and typically retains a similar rate to shoveling. It’s an effective method for maintaining driveways and sidewalks throughout the season, without the manual labour associated with shoveling.

By understanding these different services, you’ll be positioned to make the best choice for your snow removal needs. Whether it’s the sheer power of a plow, the detailed touch of a shovel, or the convenience of a blower, you’re equipped to keep your winter woe-free.

Winter work

Average Costs of Snow Removal in Saskatchewan

Understanding the costs involved in snow removal is essential for budgeting throughout the cold months. Saskatchewan presents its own unique challenges when it comes to managing snow, and here you’ll get a detailed view of what you can expect to spend on these services.

Residential Snow Removal

When it comes to residential snow removal, you’re looking at a range of costs due to the varying needs of each property. For an area up to 1600 sq. ft., prices can fluctuate from $54.6 to $127.4 per hour or per visit depending on several factors.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

ServiceAverage Cost Range (per hour or visit)
Residential Snow Removal$54.6 to $127.4

These services are typically delivered from November 1 to March 31, catering to the average snowfall conditions in the region. The monthly contracts account for up to seven visits per month. Any additional visits cost a flat rate of $19, providing a transparent pricing structure. You will also find that unused visits might be refunded at the same rate, offering a fair reimbursement policy.

It’s worth noting that significant snowfall necessitates additional labor, leading to an added fee of $25 for snowfalls over 5 cm. This surcharge is designed to cover the expenses of the intensified service requirement during severe conditions.

Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal inevitably incurs higher costs than residential due to the scale and complexity of the tasks. Prices for commercial snow plowing need to account for the additional equipment and manpower required. Factors influencing the price include the property size and additional services, such as the application of sand or salt mixes for ice prevention.

Here’s what you can expect for commercial snow removal rates:

ServiceAverage Cost Range (per hour)
Commercial Snow Removal$45.5 to $136.5

These operations may include multiple visits during a snowstorm to ensure businesses remain accessible. In some cases, snow is pushed and piled during the night with follow-up visits within 48 hours to manage excess snow.

For accountability, professionals often use GPS systems during commercial snow removal. Depending on your service agreement, limits are set for the number of removals per month. Exceeding the limit will invite a pay-per-visit fee.

Additional Costs and Considerations

In addition to the base costs of snow removal services, there are other considerations that may affect pricing:

  • Season duration; these services are relevant as long as snowfall occurs, usually from November to March.
  • Property size; larger spaces will attract higher fees.
  • Type of service; plowing large expanses is different than detailed shoveling or blowing.
  • Snow volume; heavy snowfall surcharges reflect the increased labour.

With these factors in mind, you’re now equipped with knowledge to navigate the snow removal services in Saskatchewan. Be aware of the potential for heavy snowfalls and budget for additional visits if necessary. Always consider the long-term implications and options available for your residential or commercial property to ensure you’re not left in the cold when planning your winter maintenance.

Tips for Reducing Snow Removal Costs

Clearing Snow Yourself

Taking the DIY route for snow removal is undoubtedly a cost-effective method. By purchasing a sturdy shovel for approximately $20, you’re equipped to manage smaller areas such as sidewalks and driveways. Not only does this avoid the outlay for professional services, but gives you the flexibility to clear snow at your convenience. Remember though, while you save on costs, you’re investing personal time and effort. Ensuring you have the proper gear and don’t overexert yourself is vital to prevent injury and the associated expenses. In areas like Schedule B, where snow clearing within a set timeframe is mandatory, your timely action keeps you compliant with local bylaws and avoids any potential fines.

Hiring a Professional Snow Removal Company

For those with less inclination for physical labour or short on time, hiring a professional is the smart choice. Professionals come equipped with the right tools and expertise to swiftly and safely clear your property. Opt for a company offering flexible pricing structures—many are willing to negotiate rates or offer discounts on long-term contracts. Always get quotes from several providers to ensure you’re getting a fair market rate. Bear in mind, the ongoing cost is balanced with the value of preventing damage to your property and maintaining safe access, which is especially crucial if you’re planning to sell your home. The Canadian Curb Appeal cannot be understated during those long winter months, and professional clearance ensures your property remains presentable and accessible.

Using De-icing Agents

Preventative measures like pre-salting paths before a snowfall can make subsequent clearing efforts less demanding. Salting and de-icing agents can dramatically reduce the labour required to remove ice. Always monitor the agents used, as they can be harmful to pets and damaging to certain surfaces. Balance the use of these agents with the financial savings they can usher in by reducing the need for mechanical snow removal. Strategic application, focusing on high-traffic areas or spots prone to ice build-up, can cut both your costs and clearance time. Being proactive with salting helps you keep on top of ice before it becomes a slip hazard, negating the need for emergency professional services.

By integrating these tips, you’ll find a balance between cost, effort, and maintaining a safe, welcoming environment throughout the harsh Saskatchewan winters.


Navigating the snowy season in Saskatchewan doesn’t have to be daunting. You’ve got the insights on what you might expect to pay for snow removal services and the factors that influence these costs. Armed with knowledge about potential additional fees and the higher rates for commercial properties, you’re now in a better position to plan your budget. Remember, striking the right balance between cost and convenience is key to keeping your property safe and accessible. By considering DIY options or engaging a professional service, you can ensure a winter free from the stress of unmanaged snowfall. Stay warm and safe as you tackle the winter weather head-on!

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